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… or do you find your­self in­trigued by the pos­si­bil­ity of a Maxie/Michael pair­ing? Their in­ter­ac­tions have been rather lim­ited in the past, but the re­cent scenes in which they bonded over James (as well as Michael’s mourn­ing of Jonah) def­i­nitely grabbed our at­ten­tion. And cer­tainly, the sin­gle par­ents will have even more things to con­nect over once Michael in­evitably finds out his son is ac­tu­ally alive. Ob­vi­ously, the show spent a lot of time over the past year try­ing to set up a Maxie/Peter con­nec­tion, but a big swath of the au­di­ence isn’t buy­ing it. So why not give long­time fa­vorites Maxie and Michael a try? It cer­tainly seems like an op­tion worth ex­plor­ing!

“When I tilt my head just right,” said Maxie, “I can to­tally see it!”

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