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It’s a given that Kiki shouldn’t have slept with her mom’s boyfriend. But we can’t help think­ing that all three char­ac­ters have be­come more in­ter­est­ing as a re­sult of the fact that

she did. From the mo­ment Grif­fin and Ava hooked up, we pretty much knew this was a doomed re­la­tion­ship, thanks to the bag­gage each brought along. And if we’re be­ing hon­est, we were ba­si­cally count­ing down to the mo­ment when things would go south, if only so that Ava could un­leash her wicked side. After all, is there any­thing bet­ter than watch­ing Maura West play

Ava as a wounded bird whose al­ways-at-the-ready talons lash out at any­one who crosses her path? As for Kiki, she’s been need­ing a love in­ter­est ever since Dil­lon broke her heart (some­thing we’ve yet to for­give him for!), and Grif­fin cer­tainly fits the bill. Thanks to all this, Kiki and Grif­fin’s bud­ding re­la­tion­ship falls into the “so wrong, it’s right” cat­e­gory!

“In my de­fense,” said Grif­fin, “you’re both mega hot.”

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