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We’re not sure why it took GH a year to fig­ure out how to play the Ja­son/Sam/Drew story, but at last, the show seems to have fig­ured it out. Ja­son and Sam are fi­nally throwin’ off the old fa­mil­iar sparks… even as she re­mains com­mit­ted

to help­ing Drew deal with the dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion he’s fac­ing. And what a dilemma it is! He’s got a chance to re­claim the mem­o­ries of the life he’d lived be­fore mov­ing to Port Charles, but do­ing so will erase his mem­o­ries of the past five years! Then again, per­haps that loss would be a good thing, as it would help him get over Sam, for whom he still clearly has very deep feel­ings. This is ex­actly the kind of juicy, com­pli­cated sit­u­a­tion we ex­pected to en­sue when Steve Bur­ton first re­turned as Ja­son. But as they say, bet­ter late than never!

It’s about dang time!

… but Stella still had no in­ten­tion of at­tend­ing!

“Sure, right, I’ll take out the trash.Oh, wait… you’re se­ri­ous?”

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