When Worlds Col­lide

On The CW’s ALL AMER­I­CAN, ex­plo­sive se­crets from the past could change ev­ery­thing!

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the CW’s ALL AMER­I­CAN tells the tale of Spencer James, a tal­ented foot­ball star from a tough neigh­bor­hood in Cren­shaw, CA, who is re­cruited to play in up­scale Bev­erly Hills by Billy Baker (GUID­ING LIGHT’s Sugar, Taye Diggs) and moves in with the coach’s fam­ily. Ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer/showrun­ner Nkechi O. Car­roll says that when the story picks up on Wed­nes­day, Novem­ber 7 (at 9 p.m. EST), it’s Spencer’s birth­day, and “peo­ple in both of his worlds are in­sist­ing on not let­ting the day go by un­marked.” Cue the drama!

Too Close For Com­fort!

With folks from both lives want­ing to cel­e­brate his mile­stone, worlds are about to col­lide! “In the process,” Car­roll re­veals, “some se­crets that peo­ple would have pre­ferred stayed [un­der wraps] come to light and send Spencer reel­ing.”

The Baker twins, Jor­dan and Olivia, had al­ready learned that their dad and Spencer’s mom, Grace, were high school sweet­hearts. But the party’s un­ex­pected guest leaves them with a new ques­tion: Could Spencer be their sib­ling? “They go on a road trip to dis­cover the truth,” Car­roll pre­views, “and along the way, re­con-

nect and con­fide in each other.”

As if dis­cov­er­ing Billy’s se­crets wasn’t enough to send Jor­dan reel­ing, now he’ll have to wrap his brain around Layla’s rev­e­la­tion that while high, she’d got­ten “too close” with his best friend, Asher. Can a pro­tec­tive Jor­dan still trust Asher now, let alone re­main part­ners on the field?

Can Spencer Save Coop?

If Spencer finds him­self in the mid­dle of the mess, that would cer­tainly leave him spread thin as much of his emo­tional en­ergy has been di­rected at keep­ing best friend Coop from get­ting sucked into Shawn’s gang back home. Mean­while, she’s si­mul­ta­ne­ously liv­ing with the Jame­ses while ex­plor­ing the del­i­cate new re­la­tion­ship with Pa­tience that got her kicked out by her mom. “We’ll see Coop have to an­swer some tough ques­tions for her­self,” Car­roll con­fides.

Layla Lashes Out!

Next week, Layla’s life gets up­ended when her mu­sic-mogul dad re­turns home, and he’s not alone! “Layla has some very spe­cific feel­ings about the young rap­per her fa­ther is dat­ing,” Car­roll sug­gests. But are her prob­lems re­ally with her late mother’s re­place­ment? Or is she an­gry with her dad for his ab­sence?

Smit­ten with Layla, Spencer will get the chance to step up when Mr. Keat­ing needs Cren­shaw con­nec­tions for his girl­friend’s al­bum-re­lease party. “That brings Spencer and Layla closer,” Car­roll says, “which only makes things harder for Asher and ev­ery­one else around them.”

“Things are build­ing to ex­plo­sive rev­e­la­tions that will leave a lot of friend­ships and fam­ily re­la­tion­ships onedge,” Car­roll pre­views. Spencer thinks Coop is “play­ing with fire”by try­ing to res­cue Shawnfrom gang life, says the showrun­ner.

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