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Hal­loween ar­rived in Salem and, as some­times hap­pens, things took a spooky turn for the town’s cit­i­zens as a num­ber of fa­mil­iar faces re­turned for the night. Ben opened up to Ciara, as Tripp made a sur­pris­ing con­fes­sion to Claire. Just as Chad had de­cided — thanks to Gabi’s ma­nip­u­la­tion — that Abi­gail needed to be com­mit­ted, his wife turned the ta­bles by team­ing up with Ste­fan to drop one heck of a bomb­shell. Hav­ing grown tired of Hat­tie’s an­tics, John asked Ro­man to help get rid of her. Hat­tie, in turn, told Ro­man to prove his love for her. She soon re­al­ized, though, that pre­tend­ing to be Mar­lena wasn’t all fun and games! Tragedy struck Xander’s ware- house af­ter Brady, Eric, Sami and Ni­cole all con­verged on it. Sami man­aged to get the mys­tery pa­tient out and to the hos­pi­tal, but Ni­cole wasn’t so lucky! Wracked with guilt over Ni­cole, Brady turned to Eve for sup­port, only to have the beauty turn her back on him, cut all ties and leave Salem! Sami, mean­while, was de­ter­mined to fig­ure out who the mys­tery man was and, af­ter ask­ing Kayla to help prove the guy was EJ, re­al­ized that Su­san was the key to un­lock­ing his iden­tity. But rather than IDing the stranger, Su­san had some­thing of a pre­mo­ni­tion about Rex. Belle tried sup­port­ing Sami through her rough times, which al­lowed the two sis­ters to make amends. Chloe be­gan to sus­pect that Baby Bon­nie was Mimi’s child as op­posed to Bon­nie’s, as claimed. For­tu­nately, Shawn was around to leap to Belle’s de­fense when she got into a heated ar­gu­ment with Lucas. Chloe, how­ever, wasn’t go­ing to be de­terred as she showed up at Rex and Sarah’s en­gage­ment party with some big news, which forced Bon­nie to put Mimi and Rex in an awk­ward po­si­tion!

A beloved cou­ple fi­nally ex­change their long-over­due mar­riage vows!

Things get down­right weird onHal­loween in Salem.

We mean se­ri­ously Mummy weird — oh,wait, that’s just the mys­tery pa­tient.

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