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Q. I know GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s El­iz­a­beth was with Lucky for­ever, but is he ac­tu­ally Cameron’s fa­ther? Coco Chance Las Ve­gas, NV

A: While he was ac­tu­ally the only fa­ther the kid has ever known, if you’re ask­ing about Cam’s ge­neal­ogy, then no, Lucky is not the boy’s fa­ther. And for the record, Lucky’s not even the first guy who signed on to raise him as such! El­iz­a­beth’s el­dest was con­ceived when she hooked up with Zan­der while on the outs with

her hus­band, Ric. When Liz and Ric got back to­gether, they ini­tially con­vinced Zan­der to sign over his parental rights. But when he later changed his mind, Ric re­sorted to black­mail to force the is­sue. It be­came some­thing of a moot point, though, as Zan­der was shot and killed be­fore El­iz­a­beth even gave birth. Ric planned to raise the baby with Liz, and ini­tially it looked promis­ing as the cou­ple even re­newed their wed­ding vows. But she ended up leav­ing him and hav­ing Cam on her own! This was the point at which Lucky re-en­tered the pic­ture and stepped in to claim the tit­tle Daddy. Who knows… if he had stuck around, Cam might not have that chip on his shoul­der!

Q. This baby swap sit­u­a­tion on GH is pretty low… but wasn’t Brad al­ways a bad guy? Amaani Lane Bal­ti­more, MD

A. Brad the cad has al­ways been a schemer, no ques­tion about it. He in­fa­mously helped Britt steal Dante and Lulu’s em­bryo, pulling all kinds of shenani­gans dur­ing his pal’s preg­nancy and af­ter the baby was born. Sup­pos­edly his love for Lucas helped re­form him, and he even tapped in to help Finn fi­nal­ize the cure for Black­wood’s syn­drome. But it’s been pretty clear that he’s still held on to a bit of his selfish streak, as we saw in his re­ac­tion to Finn’s de­ci­sion to do­nate the sale of his cure to GH — in­stead of mak­ing them both rich! For the record, how­ever, while he’s clearly still schem­ing and mak­ing ter­ri­ble de­ci­sions, we’d ven­ture to say Nelle’s the bad guy in this par­tic­u­lar story.

Q. When DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Gabi was in prison re­cently, they men­tioned that she’d been there be­fore. I just got back to watch­ing af­ter a few years off, so how did she wind up be­hind bars the first time? Jes­sica L. via E-mail

A. As some­times hap­pens in Salem, she killed her for­mer hus­band, Nick, af­ter get­ting tired of his trou­ble­mak­ing. To be fair, he did have a bit of a chip on his shoul­der, as Gabi bashed him in the head with a rock when she thought he was go­ing to rape her and then had Kate and Sami help dump his body into the river — only for him to wake up and seem­ingly drown! Upon later show­ing up alive and well, he pro­ceeded to black­mail Kate, E.J. and Abi­gail, ma­nip­u­late Gabi, Will and Sonny and threaten to send the trio who left him for dead to jail. But when Gabi over­heard Nick threat­en­ing Sonny, she snapped, grabbed a gun and shot him dead in Horton Square — mo­ments af­ter Julie had seem­ingly con­vinced him to turn over a brand new leaf!

Liz de­cided to choose Cameron’s fa­ther un­der a strict “last man stand­ing” rule. Zan­der was the first one out.

Once upon a time, these two made quitethe scheme team!

Who knew re­peat­edly killing a man could be so trau­matic?

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