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An Em­bar­rass­ment Of Riches

We loved hav­ing Steve Bur­ton play GH’s Ja­son. We loved hav­ing Billy Miller play Ja­son. But hav­ing Bur­ton back as Ja­son and

Miller tack­ling the role of his sur­prise brother, Drew? That goes be­yond “love.” In fact, the only thing that would make hav­ing both Emmy win­ners on the Port Charles can­vas even bet­ter would be if they were each given a ro­mance. Maybe Sam has a twin out there, too?

Tyler Christo­pher’s Come­back

Bummed as we were when GH’s Niko­las was killed off, we can’t say that his por­trayer hasn’t bounced back beau­ti­fully. Since join­ing DAYS OF OUR LIVES as sexy, amoral Ste­fan, the new­est branch of the DiMera fam­ily tree, Christo­pher has proven on a daily ba­sis why he’s an Emmy win­ner.

Chem­istry Tests

Some­times you don’t know what’s go­ing to work un­til you try it. So thank good­ness, GH’s pow­ers that be aren’t afraid to ex­per­i­ment. In the last year alone, their chem­istry tests have struck gold with Finn and Alexis, Finn and Anna, Kim and Ju­lian, and Chase and Nelle (who we aren’t even sure we were sup­posed to be that into!). Which pair­ing will they throw at us next? We can’t imag­ine — but we also can’t wait to find out!

A Hero’s Send-Off

Though we hated to see Ryan Paevey leave GH, we can’t deny that we ap­pre­ci­ated the heart-crush­ing fi­nal­ity of Nathan’s death. (That is, in­so­far as any death in Port Charles is ever re­ally fi­nal.) The plot twist did what ev­ery great soap story is sup­posed to: It made us feel, in this case, as in­tensely as the de­ceased’s widow, Maxie.

Touch­ing Ste­fan’s suit led DAYS’ Abi­gail (or her al­ter) to touch a whole lot more.

“Se­ri­ously, Leap Year is the stick­ing point in my ‘Let’s Share Sam’ plan?”

Rest in peace, De­tec­tive Sexy­pants.

“Test was in­con­clu­sive, baby. Let’s do it again.”

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