Good & Bad Find out what we felt were the highs and lows of 2018!

As the year rapidly draws to a close, Soaps In Depth flashes back to the highs and lows of the past 12 months!

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Best (Show) In Show

The Nurses Ball is al­ways a good time, and this year was no dif­fer­ent. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house af­ter Sonny joined dad Mike on stage to help fin­ish his per­for­mance of “The Sum­mer Wind,” and Dante’s at­tempt to punk Chase failed mis­er­ably when the new­bie rose to the chal­lenge by shakin’ his groove thing to “Feel It Still.”Then there was Valentin putting his heart on the line by croon­ing “The Book Of Love” to Nina… only to have the spot­light stolen by Robert, who stormed the stage to cold-cock him! And who among us will ever for­get a white-clad Ava fiercely belt­ing out “You Don’t Own Me” while look­ing those who’d judge her right in the eye!

Best Trend

Bro­mance is alive and well in Port Charles! Drew and Franco’s un­likely con­nec­tion con­tin­ued to de­velop, while Cameron helped Os­car keep his se­cret. We’re par­tic­u­larly en­joy­ing the slow build of the friend­ship be­tween Michael and Chase. Left to his own de­vices,

Michael can be a bit of a bum­mer, even when not deal­ing with the “death” of his child. Chase helps bring

out his lighter side. And un­less we miss our guess, Chase might also bring out Michael’s com­pet­i­tive side

if they both con­tinue to bond with Wil­low!

Worst Trend

If ever a show needed to stop in­tro­duc­ing new char­ac­ters, it’s GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL. Thanks to the al­ready-huge cast, char­ac­ters dis­ap­pear for weeks at a time, of­ten while in the mid­dle of a sto­ry­line! Some­how, Franco and El­iz­a­beth planned a wed­ding, dealt with Ai­den’s is­sues, were pe­riph­er­ally in­volved in the Os­car sit­u­a­tion… and yet still only ap­peared once a week or less! Per­haps it’s time to in­sti­tute a new rule: For ev­ery char­ac­ter in­tro­duced (Sasha, Wil­low, Mar­gaux), two must be writ­ten off. Con­ve­niently enough, there just hap­pens to be a se­rial killer run­ning around Port Charles…

Most In­evitable Re­union

Try as we might, we’ll never get why GH wasted an en­tire year be­fore fi­nally mov­ing Ja­son and Sam back into one an­other’s or­bits. Be­cause let’s face it: We all knew that was where they’d wind up! Had the show spent that time play­ing a tor­tured tri­an­gle be­tween Sam, Drew and his backfrom-the-dead twin, the wait might have proven worth­while. In­stead, all three char­ac­ters in­ex­pli­ca­bly treaded wa­ter for an eter­nity. Even af­ter all this time, Sam and Ja­son are still only flirt­ing with one an­other, while Drew — de­spite hav­ing con­nec­tions to Sam, Kim and Mar­gaux — spins his wheels in the cor­ner.

Slow­est Burn

Months ago, Valentin pre­sented Alexis with her late mother’s watch. Flash-for­ward to the present, and while the watch oc­ca­sion­ally, mys­te­ri­ously stops at 10:10 ev­ery now and then, the whole sit­u­a­tion has largely been a waste of, ahem, time. Then again, this isn’t the first oc­ca­sion on which a Cas­sa­dine present has yielded more frus­tra­tion than sto­ry­line. Far as we know, Laura’s still try­ing to fig­ure out what He­lena ac­tu­ally left her in her will!

Best/Worst Story

Be­lieve it or not, a sin­gle tale man­aged to in­cor­po­rate both hon­ors! Thanks to in­cred­i­ble per­for­mances by Max Gail (Mike) and Mau­rice Be­nard (Sonny), the all-too-re­lat­able sce­nario of a son seek­ing clo­sure with his fa­ther even as a cruel dis­ease threat­ened to tear them apart for­ever has made for must-see TV. But the story which arose from it — in which Mar­gaux be­came the lat­est in a decades-long stream of peo­ple look­ing to bring down Sonny — was as doomed as her plan for vengeance. From the start, the au­di­ence knew her mis­sion would fail. (They don’t call Sonny the Te­flon don for noth­ing!) Worse, the story ac­tu­ally rewrote it­self mid­way through, chang­ing Sonny from the per­son who’d buried Mar­gaux’s dad to the one who’d killed him!

Best Trou­ble­maker

Fans hated Nelle. Like, they re­ally, re­ally hated her… which just goes to show what a great job por­trayer Chloe Lanier did with the part. Sure, Nelle’s schemes didn’t al­ways make sense… like that time she sin­gle­hand­edly man­aged to re­wire Carly’s en­tire house. And you’d think some­one smart enough to con­coct the plots she did would also know bet­ter than to even think about risk­ing her life (and that of her un­born child) by get­ting into a car she’d rigged to do away with Michael. De­spite it all, we can’t help miss­ing Nelle, if only be­cause when it comes to push­ing Carly’s but­tons, no­body does it bet­ter!

Most Tra­di­tional Soap Story

Stop us if you’ve heard this one be­fore: A guy finds out he’s dy­ing, so he pushes his true love away with­out telling her why. In or­der to win him back, the girl con­vinces a guy pal that they should pre­tend to date in or­der to make her for­mer beau jeal­ous. But of course, the friend’s feel­ings are very real… and messi­ness en­sues. GH has done a lovely job of telling this fa­mil­iar tale with Os­car, Joss­lyn and Cameron… three very young peo­ple deal­ing with some very adult emo­tions!

“I can never grow stub­ble likeyours,” said an ad­mir­ing Michael. “Look, I haven’t shavedsince 2015… noth­ing!”

“Don’t worry, it’s a tough crowd,” said Nina. “Some of them still con­sider me a new­bie!”

Ava didn’t need a gun to steal our hearts with this num­ber!

Ap­par­ently, ev­ery­body saw it com­ing but these two!

Mike brought big drama —and big­ger trou­ble — to Sonny and Carly’s doorstep.

Valentin tried ex­plain­ing that even a bro­ken watch is right twice a day.

“Lis­ten up, boys, ’cause I’m only say­ing this once: I don’t do giftsfrom the sec­ond­hand store.”

Come be­tween these two?Not even on a dare!

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