Gold Star: Ge­nie Fran­cis (Laura)

Gen­eral Hospi­tal Ge­nie Fran­cis made Laura’s heart­break a break­through

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All of a sud­den, GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL’s Laura didn’t rec­og­nize her hus­band — with good rea­son! She didn’t know Ryan had taken Kevin’s place! And when he broke her heart out of seem­ingly nowhere, Ge­nie Fran­cis em­braced her char­ac­ter’s pain and strength to win this week’s Gold Star.

Af­ter That Killer Party…

On the heels of Mary Pat’s death, Laura re­turned to the scene of the crime shel­lshocked. Not only did she feel some­how re­spon­si­ble for how her fundraiser had ended, but she won­dered why Kevin hadn’t rushed to sup­port her. Though her an­ten­nae were up, the mo­ment she saw her hus­band, she threw her­self into his arms and ac­cepted his ex­pla­na­tions. But she was floored when he of­fered to call her a car and then re­vealed he’d seen Mary Pat the night be­fore — when he’d claimed to be at GH! As Kevin gave his state­ment to Jor­dan and Chase, Laura tried to hold her tongue… but Fran­cis let her char­ac­ter’s face say ev­ery­thing. Laura was not happy to cor­rob­o­rate Kevin’s story about Carly.

Out Of Nowhere, A Break-Up!

The way Laura watched Kevin walk out, it was no sur­prise that she fol­lowed him. And this time, she de­manded an ex­pla­na­tion for his lies. When he seemed to be con­fess­ing a prob­lem of his own, she soft­ened… only to have him dump her!

Laura was at once crushed, an­gry and con­founded, and with Kevin calmly of­fer­ing an­swers, those emo­tions fought for con­trol. When the tears won out, she turned to hide them, then im­me­di­ately faced him again. “You just changed your mind?” she scoffed. She sim­ply couldn’t make sense of it, and it wasn’t un­til he said good-bye and walked away that she dis­solved into tears.

Throw­ing In The Towel

Later, as Laura tried to process what had hap­pened, she al­most gave in and called Kevin… only to have grand­son Spencer save her from her­self. For his ben­e­fit, she turned her choked-back tears into a bit of a laugh and tried to fake it. And even­tu­ally, his ex­cite­ment over the may­oral race brought a real smile to her face. But then he men­tioned Kevin… and not even Lulu could bring Laura back. She put down her cam­paign but­ton and an­nounced she was ready to walk away from the race.

Once Lulu had sent Spencer away, Laura spoke the painful truth aloud: “Kevin left me.” And as the story un­folded, tears pushed through anew. It took an an­gry Lulu some ef­fort, but she fi­nally dis­tracted her mother and got her to laugh through her tears. With her fam­ily be­side her, the can­di­date set out to face the crowds. Un­for­tu­nately, it was Kevin that Laura had to face… and he was sit­ting with Ava!

Frozen in hor­ror, Laura fought to hide her re­ac­tion and let her­self be es­corted back out. This break-up wasn’t go­ing to be easy for Laura, but it was clearly gold in Fran­cis’ hands.

Fran­cis put to­gether a beau­ti­ful per­for­mance from the pieces of Laura’s shat­tered heart.

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