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Kin Shriner (Scotty, GH)

“UN­BREAK­ABLE KIMMY SCH­MIDT makes me laugh. So at the gym, I’ll watch two or three of those while I do my car­dio — and I’m laugh­ing! The thing I used to look for when I was at the gym was THE DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROASTs. You couldn’t get away with any of those jokes to­day. All those guys would be out of busi­ness and up on charges!”

Stacy Haiduk (Kris­ten/Su­san, DAYS)

“I’ve been lov­ing THE CROWN and all of those kinds of shows on Net­flix.”

Lau­ralee Bell (Chris­tine, Y&R)

“I don’t nec­es­sar­ily have the time to sit down and watch any­thing, but my daugh­ter [has said], ‘You need to watch STRANGER THINGS.’ She’s smart, and she’s right! When I have a chance, I’ll binge­watch STRANGER THINGS!”

Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina, GH)

“Well, I love THE CROWN and am wait­ing for Sea­son 3 to come out! I like any­thing that is based on a true story. It was like a his­tory les­son for me, too. I know the gen­eral his­tory, but ev­ery other scene, I was paus­ing and Googling. I like to learn things in an en­ter­tain­ing way, so I found it very fas­ci­nat­ing.”

Camila Banus (Gabi, DAYS)

“It’s a re­al­ity show on TLC called LONG LOST FAM­ILY. I’ll spend five hours cry­ing from watch­ing it be­cause it’s so beau­ti­ful and heart­felt. I’m a mushy girl, and it gets me ev­ery time.”

Cait Fair­banks (Tessa, Y&R)

“BLACK MIR­ROR on Net­flix. It’s dark, but it’s re­ally good. It’s an an­thol­ogy se­ries, so each episode is a dif­fer­ent story, and they’re di­rected by dif­fer­ent peo­ple. The show is about our re­la­tion­ship with tech­nol­ogy. They kind of play out our fears on the show. It’s re­ally bril­liant.”

Cam­ryn Grimes (Mariah, Y&R)

“OUTLANDER! I haven’t read the books, but now I want to. Robert [Adamson, ex-Noah] was telling me that I had to watch it, and I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I watched the first two or three episodes, and then I was hooked. I watched three sea­sons to catch up for this new one. It’s the per­fect blend of sci-fi, pe­riod piece and ac­tion and ro­mance. It’s very good. I would sug­gest it for ev­ery­body. And it has a hot, red­headed Scot­tish guy [Sam Heughan]… What else can you want?”

Josh Swickard (Chase, GH)

“QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY. I cried dur­ing at least half of the episodes. It’s the cutest thing ever. It’s re­ally the sto­ries that get me. They have peo­ple from all walks of life, po­lit­i­cal views and re­li­gions, and they don’t just fo­cus on their out­fits. They talk about why some­one doesn’t like to hug peo­ple or why they’re so stand­off­ish. It’s re­ally a mind/body/soul ap­proach, and I’m a sucker for that.”

Don­nell Turner (Cur­tis, GH)

“NAKED AND AFRAID — I’m hooked! I like that it teaches one to be grate­ful about lit­tle things like a morsel of food or to be aware of the sac­ri­fice that’s made of an­other life so that we may live and have the proper sus­te­nance. I find it in­ter­est­ing. I won­der how I would do. I don’t nec­es­sar­ily have to be bare­foot… but naked’s okay.”

Robert Scott Wil­son (Ben, DAYS)

“I was on a doc­u­men­tary kick for a while,

but the last show I binge-watched was GAME OF THRONES be­cause I sat down and just didn’t leave for two weeks. I was a late bloomer with that show, and I fell

in love with it.”

Darin Brooks (Wy­att, B&B)

“THE HAND­MAID’S TALE. Holy [bleep]! Re­ally good show!”

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