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With Hay­ley Erin busy shoot­ing Freeform’s PRETTY LIT­TLE LIARS spin-off, GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL has had to bid her adieu — and boy, did they make Kiki’s exit count!

The In Depth Story: There was much spec­u­la­tion about how Erin would bal­ance her new role on THE PERFECTIONISTS with her du­ties at GH… and Kiki’s un­timely demise an­swered that ques­tion while set­ting off some big story! (For more, turn to News, page 2.)

When Erin first landed the prime­time role, the soap hoped to find a way to share her with Dis­ney/ABC Tele­vi­sion Group sis­ter net­work Freeform. While that didn’t work out, there are clearly no hard feel­ings. “We love Hay­ley,” shares ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Frank Valen­tini. “She was a big part of the GH fam­ily, and she will be missed.

We wish her all the best on her next ad­ven­ture.”

Erin, who also played THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Abby from 2008-’10, re­placed Kris­ten Alder­son as Kiki in 2015. “The time has gone so quickly,” Erin mar­veled when Soaps In Depth chat­ted with her in the early fall. “I don’t know where the last few years went! But I think peo­ple have warmed up to me now. At first, it was hard, be­cause you want fans to like you… but Kiki wasn’t ex­actly do­ing things for any­one to be a fan of! I paid my dues.”

This year, Erin was re­warded with Kiki’s #GHToo tale, which ranked as an all-time fa­vorite sto­ry­line for the ac­tress. “It’s been the most im­por­tant, for sure,” she said. “Peo­ple re­ally con­nected with the story, and it’s res­onated. I’ve got­ten a lot of tweets from peo­ple who’ve had that hap­pen in col­lege or [on] their first job. Day­time has al­ways been a way for peo­ple to con­nect.”

On the ro­man­tic front, Erin ap­pre­ci­ated the Mor­gan/Kiki/Dil­lon tri­an­gle. “I love the way that worked out,” she gushed. “Kiki and Mor­gan was a great love story, but there was so much bag­gage. I wouldn’t dare to call it an abu­sive re­la­tion­ship… but it def­i­nitely wasn’t a healthy one! So hav­ing this beau­ti­ful, per­fectly sweet, in­no­cent re­la­tion­ship with Dil­lon was just what Kiki needed.”

In con­trast, Erin’s swan song — Kiki’s re­la­tion­ship

“Hay­ley was a big part of the GH fam­ily and will be missed.”

with Grif­fin — was far from in­no­cent! “It is a quin­tes­sen­tial soap opera love tri­an­gle, but it’s got all these funky, dirty, messed-up lay­ers to it,” Erin said as it de­vel­oped. “It’s awe­some! Where else do you get, ‘I love my mom… but I love her boyfriend!’ I’ll prob­a­bly never get to do this again as long as I live, and I just love Maura West (Ava) and Matt Co­hen (Grif­fin), so I’m en­joy­ing it.”

As for Erin’s PERFECTIONISTS char­ac­ter, it’s be­ing kept a closely-guarded se­cret that we’ll learn once the Freeform soap premieres next year.

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Erin loved play­ing thecon­trast in Kiki’s re­la­tion­ships with Mor­gan and Dil­lon.

The death of Kiki (may she rest in peace) will af­fect Ava and Grif­fin for a long, long time to come!

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