Gold Star: Do­minic Zam­progna (ex-Dante)

Do­minic Zam­progna shone as a darker Dante

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Thanks to Sonny’s stand-alone “What if… ?” episode, GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL’s Do­minic Zam­progna fi­nally got the chance to show Dante’s dark side — and he played the twist so beau­ti­fully that it earned him this week’s Gold Star!

Mob Men­tal­ity

For­get good cop Dante, who some­how bal­ances his world view with his fa­ther’s life­style. In the al­ter­nate uni­verse Sonny imag­ined, his son was a mob­ster who showed him zero re­spect. Sure, Dante tried to play nice at first, but he turned cold at the sug­ges­tion that he leave be­hind his “lu­cra­tive” busi­ness to move back to Brook­lyn. Even worse, Sonny dis­re­spected his bosses! Bow­ing his head, Dante stewed silently un­til the Jeromes left… and then he lit into his “pa­thetic” fa­ther, who’d never risen beyond the rank of sergeant or been much of a provider. Re­fus­ing to be calmed, Dante fi­nally sniffed, “My mother’s go­ing to be work­ing at the sa­lon un­til she’s 90!”

Mak­ing Moves

After Sonny stormed out, Dante be­trayed his own in­se­cu­ri­ties with one last snark

about his fa­ther. Then, he went to apolo- gize to his bosses. While he seemed right at home dis­cussing prod­ucts and ship­ments with the Jeromes, Dante was also clearly in his el­e­ment when he met with Agent Ash­ford. Jor­dan may have mis­un­der­stood his rea­son for turn­ing on his bosses… but Zam­progna filled his char­ac­ter with a fright­en­ing still­ness that made it clear his fa­ther was not go­ing to be pleased with his endgame!

When Sonny tried get­ting through to him again, Dante turned up his chin de­fi­antly. And even as he com­mended his fa­ther for guess­ing that his plan was to take over the Jeromes’ ter­ri­tory, there was no love in his smile. Step­ping up to Sonny, Dante bragged that he wasn’t afraid of power and, with a dis­mis­sive pat on the shoul­der, brushed off his dad’s warn­ings.

When Sonny called out that he was noth­ing like him, Dante couldn’t re­sist turn­ing back. He let a lit­tle chuckle and hoot slip out, as if en­ter­tained by it all. Then, he pursed his lips and lis­tened. But he was too de­fen­sive to ac­tu­ally hear his fa­ther’s love and con­cern, so even­tu­ally, he sim­ply turned his back on Sonny.

The Kiss-Off

With wife Sam, Dante never raised his voice… but wow, was he cruel! He was ex­as­per­ated to re­al­ize that she wanted out of the Mob, and when she tried to reach the Dante she’d fallen for, she only got the made man he’d be­come. “Baby, if you don’t like the life I have given you, then you can leave… and I’ll find some­one else to take your place,” he cooed warmly be­fore kiss­ing her cheek and walk­ing away.

By the time Zam­progna’s reimag­ined char­ac­ter shot Ja­son, we be­lieved this cold­hearted Dante more than ca­pa­ble of mur­der. We weren’t sure he was any bet­ter than the Jeromes, as he in­sisted… but we were sure that we wanted to see the ac­tor come back to GH and bring some of that weight to the real Dante!

Zam­progna showed us a side of Dante we’d never imag­ined.

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