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Jack’s Life Was Turned Com­pletely Up­side-Down!

Jack and Ash­ley en­gaged in their very own GAME OF THRONES, with her oust­ing her sib­ling at Jabot with the help of Kyle’s proxy vote! Yet be­fore she could sit in the CEO chair, Jack re­vealed that he’d in­serted a blood-Ab­bott clause into the com­pany’s by­laws which dis­qual­i­fied her for the top slot! De­spite their an­i­mos­ity, Jack and Ash­ley united to fight Gra­ham for cus­tody of Dina, who’d slipped fur­ther into the fog of Alzheimer’s. Gra­ham’s at­tempt to kill Dina (and frame Ash­ley) went awry when in­stead, he wound up dead! For a nanosec­ond, Ash­ley was charged with his mur­der be­fore be­ing ex­on­er­ated. After Vic­tor hired Ash­ley at New­man, Jack and Vic­to­ria worked to­gether to frame Ash for cor­po­rate es­pi­onage. It worked, with Vic­tor fir­ing his ex. Ash­ley threat­ened to sue, and The Mus­tache re­al­ized that he’d been duped. In re­sponse, Vic­tor re­hired Ash­ley and de­moted his own daugh­ter! Kyle aligned him­self with Vic­tor. As if that wasn’t shock­ing enough, Jack then found out he wasn’t ac­tu­ally John Ab­bott’s son! The rev­e­la­tion launched Jack on a quest to find his bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther, with po­ten­tial pops in­clud­ing Phillip Chan­cel­lor and Al­bert Miller — Vic­tor’s dad! Even­tu­ally, Ash­ley ad­mit­ted the whole pa­ter­nity scan­dal was a ruse she’d cooked up to pun­ish Jack for the crappy way he’d treated her. On the outs from her clan, Ash­ley left town. But she wasn’t empty-handed — she took all the patents she’d de­vel­oped at Jabot, leav­ing the com­pany in a shaky po­si­tion!

For peo­ple in the beauty biz, things got real ugly be­tween Jack and Ash­ley!

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