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DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Abi­gail isn’t about to spend a minute longer at the Bayview San­i­tar­ium than she has to: There’s noth­ing wrong with her! This week, the be­lea­guered new mom finds a way to get out of the men­tal in­sti­tu­tion, but at what cost?

The In Depth Story: Des­per- ate to get back to her son and new­born daugh­ter, Abi­gail tries to trick Ste­fan into hav­ing her re­leased. But he wasn’t born yes­ter­day! (That would be “his” daugh­ter, Char­lotte!) Leav­ing a dis­traught Abi­gail be­hind at the san­i­tar­ium, Ste­fan grap­ples with whether or not he should have his wife re­leased.

Need­ing a sound­ing board to work through his de­ci­sion, Ste­fan turns to his new se­cu­rity chief, Ben, for ad­vice. After all, Ben knows a thing or two about men­tal ill­ness and ref­or­ma­tion! What­ever Ben has to say must help Ste­fan come to a con­clu­sion, be­cause by the end of the week, he has Abi­gail re­leased from Bayview… for a very spe­cific and shock­ing rea­son!

Mean­while, as Abi­gail sets in mo­tion her plan to re­claim her life and her kids, Chad runs into Gabi, who just so hap­pens to have Char­lotte’s pa­ter­nity-test re­sults! Is he about to learn the truth, that the new­born girl is ac­tu­ally his daugh­ter, not Ste­fan’s? Some­thing tells us this mess is about to get messier!

Abi­gail has fig­ured out how to work the sys­tem — or, at least Ste­fan’s feel­ings for Gabby — to her ad­van­tage.

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