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Ste­fano and Vi­vian’s son, Ste­fan, took over DiMera En­ter­prises and moved into the man­sion over Chad’s ob­jec­tions. Ste­fan im­me­di­ately fell for Abi­gail, de­spite her mar­riage to Chad. When An­dre was mur­dered, Gabi — whom he had just fired — be­came the prime sus­pect. But it even­tu­ally was re­vealed that the real killer was Gabby… an al­ter­nate per­son­al­ity Abby had de­vel­oped! Hav­ing fallen for Gabby, Ste­fan not only kept the truth un­der wraps but helped her frame Gabi! When Abby started to re­al­ize some­thing was se­ri­ously wrong with her, an­other per­sona — Dr. Laura — emerged to pre­vent the host per­son­al­ity from putting the pieces to­gether. Gabby — pos­ing as Abi­gail — took the stand and tes­ti­fied that Gabi had con­fessed to mur­der­ing

An­dre! Sent to prison, Gabi un­der­went se­vere beat­ings. Find­ing Ste­fan and Gabby in bed to­gether, Chad beat his brother to within an inch of his life. Abby agreed not to press rape charges against Ste­fan if he, in turn, didn’t have her hus­band ar­rested for as­sault. Fi­nally re­leased when the truth about Abi­gail and her al­ters came to light, Gabi was set free.

Gabi Sought Re­venge!

Es­tranged from her daugh­ter and, thanks to the beat­ings, un­able to have an­other baby, Gabi set out to de­stroy Abi­gail, who had con­fessed to the mur­der. In­stead of prison, Abby got psy­chi­atric help which in­te­grated her per­son­al­i­ties. Learn­ing she was preg­nant, she didn’t know if Ste­fan or Chad was the fa­ther. Gabi took ad­van­tage of this by switch­ing the pa­ter­nity test re­sults so it ap­peared that Ste­fan was the pop. After a dis­traught Chad left Abi­gail, Gabi made it ap­pear that Gabby was back to keep their mar­riage in shreds. Gabi ad­vised Chad to have a “vi­o­lent” Abi­gail com­mit­ted. Con­cerned that some­one was gaslight­ing her, Abi­gail took the des­per­ate step of mar­ry­ing Ste­fan. Even­tu­ally, Gabi’s schemes were re­vealed, and Chad helped Abi­gail — whom he’d kid­napped! — de­liver her baby.

Steve Was Ar­rested!

Rogue ISA agent Pamela black­mailed John into slip­ping Steve drugs which slowly blinded him. Bil­lie helped take down Pamela at the ISA, and Steve — who even­tu­ally for­gave John — was given the an­ti­dote. Pam held Tripp and Ciara hostage in an ef­fort to force John to kill Steve. In­stead, Tripp killed Pamela. Steve wound up los­ing his eye­sight, forc­ing a des­per­ate Kayla to make a se­cret deal with Ste­fan for a bionic eye one of his com­pa­nies was de­vel­op­ing. When Steve was sud­denly ar­rested, Kayla was hor­ri­fied to re­al­ize that his new eye had been re­port­ing clas­si­fied in­for­ma­tion to Ste­fan, who’d sold it!


Ciara Fell For Ben!

Tripp tried to move his re­la­tion­ship with Ciara for­ward but learned that be­ing raped by Chase had left her afraid of in­ti­macy. Claire used the op­por­tu­nity to make her move on Tripp, but Ciara caught them to­gether and an­grily took off on her mo­tor­cy­cle. She wrecked the bike and was res­cued by newly-re­leased former se­rial killer Ben. He nursed Ciara back to health in the same cabin where he’d once held Abi­gail hostage. When the cabin caught fire while Ben was get­ting his meds re­filled, Hope and Rafe found Ciara just in time. Ben swore he hadn’t started the fire, but Hope be­lieved him guilty. While the con­cerned mom looked for proof, Ben moved in with Ciara, Tripp and Claire! Deny­ing her feel­ings for Ben, Ciara re­united with Tripp, with whom she fi­nally made love. Claire and Ben plot­ted to come be­tween Tripp and Ciara. But in the end, it was Ciara’s in­abil­ity to deny her feel­ings for Ben that caused her re­la­tion­ship with Tripp to im­plode.

Eve Dumped Brady!

Brady se­duced Eve as a part of a plot he and Vic­tor had cooked up, only to ac­tu­ally fall in love with her. Eve was all set to marry Brady but in­stead dumped him on their wed­ding day after find­ing out what he’d been up to. The pair con­tin­ued work­ing to­gether, with Brady de­ter­mined to win her back. Mean­while, Chloe was kid­napped by an opera-lov­ing drug king­pin who also hap­pened to be hold­ing Theresa hostage and em­ploy­ing Xan­der! Theresa and Xan­der es­caped but left Chloe be­hind. The bad­die nearly killed John and Lu­cas be­fore be­ing offed by Chloe. Theresa re­turned to Salem and sued Brady for cus­tody of Tate. Win­ning

the case — de­spite some nasty tricks played by Eve and Vic­tor — Theresa packed up her son and moved to Cal­i­for­nia to tend to an ail­ing Kim­berly.

Mar­lena Nearly Died!

As John and Mar­lena were about to ex­change vows, Sami stopped the cer­e­mony to say they were all in dan­ger. Kris­ten ap­peared, handed Sami a gun and promised to re­unite her with a very-much-alive EJ if she killed Mar­lena. In the re­sult­ing con­fu­sion, Mar­lena was shot, Kris­ten took off, and Sami was ar­rested. Mar­lena wound up on life sup­port, but Belle re­luc­tantly said they had to pull the plug per her mother’s writ­ten wishes. John, Kayla and Ro­man put dop­pel­gänger Hat­tie in Mar­lena’s place un­til they could bring Doc out of her coma. Hat­tie used the se­cret to force John to marry her just be­fore Mar­lena woke up. It turned out Xan­der had shot Mar­lena in a failed at­tempt to do away with ri­val Eric. Mean­while, Brady slept with a still-be­sot­ted Kris­ten in or­der to save Eve’s life. Brady skipped town with Kris­ten, al­though he was ac­tu­ally play­ing her in or­der to find out the truth about the mys­tery man she was keep­ing in a ware­house. Kris­ten and Ni­cole both died when the ware­house ex­ploded. Once the mys­tery man was con­firmed to be EJ, Sami and Su­san buried the hatchet and took the guy they loved to a burn clinic in Italy.


Will Got His Mem­ory Back!

Kiss­ing Paul on New Year’s Eve prompted Will to end his mar­riage to Sonny and be­gin dat­ing Paul. A de­pressed Sonny was tar­geted by Leo, who at Vi­vian’s be­hest got hired by Sonny and then ac­cused him of sex­ual ha­rass­ment. Hav­ing hired Paul to find out the truth, Kate con­fronted long­time foe Vi­vian and “ac­ci­den­tally” shot her dead… or so she thought. In re­al­ity, Vi­vian was re­vived by some­one at the morgue and pre­sum­ably hus­tled out of town. Kate took over the plot against Ti­tan and be­gan sleep­ing with Leo’s lawyer, Ted. Leo of­fered to drop the suit if Sonny mar­ried him, but the trou­ble­maker in­stead took a fa­tal fall. Will and Sonny hid the body, but it went miss­ing. Worse, Ted be­gan black­mail­ing the pair, at least un­til Kate drove her lover out of town at gun­point! Will had him­self in­jected with a re­con­structed ver­sion of Dr. Rolf’s serum and even­tu­ally got his mem­ory back! De­spite shar­ing this news (and many kisses) with Sonny, Will stayed by Paul’s side after his beau was par­a­lyzed when he fell out of a win­dow dur­ing a scuffle with Kris­ten. But once Paul re­al­ized with whom Will’s heart truly lay, he left town, clear­ing the path for a po­ten­tial re­union be­tween Will and Sonny.

Ro­mance Re­port

Hope and Rafe wed pri­vately at the Smith

Is­land cabin. They re­turned to share the news with every­one gath­ered for the big wed­ding Julie had planned; how­ever, hav­ing overheard Ciara telling Tripp about Rafe’s in­dis­cre­tion with Sami, a con­cerned Claire blurted it out to her grand­mother. Dev­as­tated by Rafe’s be­trayal, Hope left town and had an­nul­ment pa­pers drawn up, al­though she and her hus­band later rec­on­ciled. Once a few mis­con­cep­tions were cleared up, Eric and Jen­nifer be­gan dat­ing again. She found out from Eve that Ni­cole had killed Deimos and that Brady had used the info to black­mail her into dump­ing Eric. Al­though en­gaged to Eric, Jen even­tu­ally told him the truth and re­turned his ring. Eric chased after Ni­cole, only to dis­cover she’d been black­mailed into mar­ry­ing Xan­der! Ni­cole’s plot to free her­self by mur­der­ing Xan­der back­fired, re­sult­ing in her own tragic death, leav­ing Eric to con­sider rais­ing Holly. Lani de­cided to let JJ think the baby she’d con­ceived with Eli was his. Alas, the big se­cret came out when Lani tes­ti­fied dur­ing Gabi’s mur­der trial. Va­lerie took a job out of town, but she and Abe — who was set­ting off sparks with Sheila — agreed to try and sus­tain a long-dis­tance re­la­tion­ship.

(sec­tion con­tin­ues)

It’s all fun and games un­til your al­ter kills a man with the urn con­tain­ing his dead brother’s ashes.

“Chad, it’s not the way it looks! Okay, it to­tally is, but… ”

Eve should have been sus­pi­cious when Brady sug­gested their first dance be to “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

“Is Ben un­der­dressed, Tripp? Or are you over­dressed? Think about that!”

After get­ting his mem­ory back, Will proved he’d never for­got­ten how to make out.

One thing we’ll say for Sami: She knows how to liven up any oc­ca­sion!

After pon­der­ing whether she could for­give Rafe, Hope de­cided to leave him at the al­tar.

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