If not Eric, then who… ? Gareis weighs in on Donna’s other op­tions

ABC Soaps In Depth - - Feature Interview -


“He is Mar­cus’ brother [by adop­tion], so this could be juicy — and pretty hot. I mean, look at him… the cam­era would be fo­cused on him dur­ing all the love scenes!”


“They dated in high school and share a child, and they were ac­tu­ally good for each other, too. I think they made each other happy.”


“Ridge was al­ways the gold stan­dard for Donna [after see­ing the re­la­tion­ship he had with Brooke]. It would be in­ter­est­ing, now that she’s all grown up, to see them to­gether… but it would re­ally upset Brooke!”


“He left Donna at the al­tar, so to re­visit that could be in­ter­est­ing, es­pe­cially now that Thorne is mar­ried to Katie. We’ve never seen Donna and Katie go at it be­fore, so that would bring a lot of ten­sion.”


“They shared a kiss [when he first came on the can­vas], but it never re­ally went any­where. But if op­po­sites at­tract, that could be the case here. That could be pretty un­ex­pected!”

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