ABC Soaps In Depth - - What Happened In 2018 -

The big earth­quake was a non­fa­tal at­trac­tion If you’re won­der­ing why the great Port Charles earth­quake of 2018 didn’t get much of a men­tion here, it’s be­cause in the end, it didn’t do that much dam­age! No­body died, and, al­though we heard about the wreck­age in its wake, there wasn’t much ev­i­dence of it to be seen on screen after a cou­ple of days. In fact, the only real ca­su­alty was Franco and El­iz­a­beth’s wed­ding, which prob­a­bly wouldn’t have hap­pened, any­way, given that he was busy deal­ing with Jim, whose il­le­gal frack­ing was the ac­tual cause of the quake!

It’s Soap Opera 101, ladies! Never, ever fight at the top of a stair­case!

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