New Year

We’ve got a few res­o­lu­tion ideas for the Port Charles crew!

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Mon­ica should re­solve to get what’s left of the Quar­ter­maine clan back un­der one roof — if only so their spats could raise it! Delia should re­solve to open a Ryan’s Bar in Port Charles — and bring along son Johnno to ro­mance the sin­gle ladies.

Soaps In Depth de­cides what changes your fa­vorite GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL char­ac­ters should make in the new year Since NASHVILLE has wrapped and Jonathan Jack­son is free, Lucky should re­solve to come home to Port Charles — and present Liz with a very tempt­ing al­ter­na­tive to her new life with Franco.

El­iz­a­beth should bring back Girls Night. Which, if we’re be­ing hon­est, was of­ten the clos­est we got to an evening out! Laura should re­solve to bring Spencer to Port Charles to re­cover next time he has a mishap rather than go over­seas her­self for months on end. Chase should re­solve to wear shirts as rarely as Nathan did. Maybe even less of­ten than that.

Kevin should re­solve to cut off his evil twin’s ear — or some­thing! — to keep Ryan from ever im­per­son­at­ing him again. Alexis and Diane should re­solve to open a law of­fice to­gether, and hire Sam and Cur­tis as their full-time in­ves­ti­ga­tors.

Amy should re­solve to put her­self in the path of Cupid’s ar­row. And, as luck would have it, Valen­tine’s Day is com­ing up. Ja­son and Spinelli should re­solve to launch a pod­cast. Some­thing tells us they’d be nat­u­rals at it. Sonny should re­solve to go straight — then make all of Port Charles re­gret it by buy­ing up ev­ery le­git busi­ness in town!

Franco should write a self-help book. Be­cause who’d know bet­ter how to turn around one’s life than a se­rial killer-turnedup­stand­ing cit­i­zen? Finn should re­solve to get Roxy a play­mate. Af­ter all, she’s there for him, but who’s

there for her?

Ava should re­solve to use her

ma­nip­u­la­tive pow­ers for good

by be­com­ing the most con­niv­ing fundraiser Gen­eral Hospi­tal

has ever had.

“I’m a lit­tle teapot… full of bour­bon.”“Uh-uh. I draw the line at Jimmy Lee Holt, Mon­ica!”

“Seems like oldtimes. Maybe be­cause this is a photo from2009.”

“Can I give you a hand… with that towel?”

“Girls Night, huh, Liz?Count me in. Wait, will there be any cute guys there?”

“You can pay us in ribs, okay, Mac? Now don’t you want to be our client?”

“I don’t care how many legs you break next time,kid. I’m stay­ing put!”

“I just don’t see the re­sem­blance. I’m clearly much hand­somer than you are!”

“Lis­ten to our pod­cast, or we’ll take out a hit on you!” “Jeez. Dad, we can’t play the God­fa­ther theme ev­ery time you walk into your of­fice at ELQ.”

“Thanks, Amy, but um… the girls I like look more like, say, Lu­cas.”

“I like it, honey. But it’s a very short book. And why did you write it on an en­ve­lope?”

“That’s okay, Roxy. We can find you a bet­ter friend than Carly, any­way.”

“What I’m look­ing for, Scotty, is a purse that’s this full.”

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