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When we asked GEN­ERAL HOS- PITAL co-head­writ­ers Shelly Altman and Chris Van Et­ten for a peek into 2019, they gave us all the scoop… which we’re pass­ing on to you!

Sonny Needs A Mir­a­cle!

“As the new year be­gins,” says Altman, “Sonny will have to take a good, hard look at the sit­u­a­tion with Mike. It’s been hard for him to sep­a­rate the real­ity from the emo­tion.” Sonny’s hope has been that he and his dad will find a way to rec­on­cile their is­sues from the past, but now, says the scribe, “time is run­ning out!”

Ryan Gets Des­per­ate!

As an­other mur­der rocks Port Charles this week, fear is run­ning ram­pant in Port Charles. And with good cause, as it

is clear that Ryan’s crime spree is esca- lat­ing! The ques­tion on every­one’s lips as we head into the new year: Who will be his next vic­tim? “Ryan is get­ting both more em­bold­ened and a bit more des­per­ate at the same time,” says Van Et­ten. And ev­ery day, the list of po­ten­tial vic­tims grows, es­pe­cially as ques­tions are raised re­gard­ing the odd be­hav­ior be­ing ex­hib­ited by “Kevin” over the past few weeks! “Pro­tect­ing his iden­tity by any means ne­c­es­sary is be­com­ing Ryan’s No. 1 pri­or­ity!”

If there’s one per­son he should work hard to keep in the dark, it’s Ava. While Altman agrees that if and when the truth comes out, Ava will “be in for the shock of her life,” that could also re­sult in the tables be­ing turned! Af­ter all, he’s not the only one in their re­la­tion­ship who knows how to com­mit mur­der!

A Re­union For Ja­son & Sam?

The mys­tery bub­bling up

from Sam’s past could have a ma­jor im- pact on her fu­ture! And while that sounds like trou­ble, it could also be a good thing! “Over the years, Ja­son and Sam have of­ten been at their best when they’re work­ing to­gether to­ward a com­mon goal,” pre­views Altman. And what of the un­fold­ing mys­tery they’ll team up to solve? “Sam will learn that this has a far greater reach than she thought. It will af­fect more peo­ple than she could have imag­ined!”

Big Baby Drama

“There’s a long road that will be fol­lowed in the baby-switch story,” says Van Et­ten, and it will in­volve a wide swath of the can­vas, in­clud­ing char­ac­ters one might not ex­pect. It will also have reper­cus­sions that im­pact other sto­ry­lines. For ex­am­ple, “Ju­lian’s knowl­edge about what hap­pened the night Nelle gave birth will im­pact his re­la­tion­ships with oth­ers.” That in­cludes Kim, who is slowly get­ting closer to

Drew as they deal with Os­car’s con­tinu- ing health cri­sis, as well as Alexis, whose con­tin­ued ex­plo­ration of her past (and the bad de­ci­sions made there) could lead in an un­ex­pected di­rec­tion.

Then there’s Wil­low, who we now know to be the mother of the child Lu­cas and Brad ac­tu­ally adopted. She will also see her life turned up­side-down… and at the worst pos­si­ble mo­ment! “She and Chase are find­ing their way to­ward a nice, healthy re­la­tion­ship,” says Altman, adding that Wil­low is also bond­ing with Michael. “Things could get very messy!”

Trou­ble Ahead?

They’ve de­clared their love, so what’s next for Finn and Anna? “They’ll con­tinue to face chal­lenges,” teases Van Et­ten, “es­pe­cially as a re­sult of Anna’s ca­reer, which con­tin­ues to put Finn in un­ex­pected po­si­tions!” And of course, “the ghost of Hay­den is cer­tainly al­ways present be­tween them. She is out there, some­where… ”

“The ghost of Hay­den is cer­tainly al­ways present!!”

In Other News

Although El­iz­a­beth and Franco’s last two wed­dings were called off, Altman as­sures us that “there is a mar­riage in their fu­ture.” Mean­while, look for Franco to deal with the fact that, for the first time in his life, he’s “part of a fam­ily and ev­ery­thing that that means.” • Kristina could find her­self in dan­ger thanks to her new pal, Daisy!

Dare we hope that they’re cry­ing from laugh­ing re­ally hard?

“Like a nor­mal per­son, I en­joy ex­press­ing ob­ses­sion, Ava. Imean af­fec­tion.”

“I know you’re busy sav­ing lives and all, but I need you to put on a Ger­man ac­cent and help me crack a case!”

When told that Sam and Ja­son will be work­ingvery closely to­gether in thefu­ture, this is what we pic­ture.

Had Franco known that hav­ing a fam­ily meant nightly cud­dles, he’d have got­ten one sooner.

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