Un­scram­ble the cir­cled let­ters to re­veal a GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL vil­lain who got away with mur­der and may­hem for decades.

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1. The last name of the crime lord called

The Balkan 3. Sonny’s men­tor (last name)

5. Scotty ______ 7. Carly’s


9. The pre­sumed-dead son of 7-Down, for short

10. A heroic fam­ily

12. She just can’t seem

to find re­demp­tion. 14. Os­car’s mom

17. Where GH pa­tients go for surgery (abbr.)

18. Franco’s bi­o­log­i­cal


19. The last name of

22-Across 20. Epiphany’s ti­tle


21. El­iz­a­beth’s Gram 22. The first name

Rocco was given


2. 7-Down spent years on the run from this Mob boss.

4. He’s Ai­den’s fa­ther. 6. Kelly’s is on the


7. She was cursed on

her wed­ding

day by He­lena.

8. It’s not as scary as


11. Cur­tis’ oc­cu­pa­tion


13. Af­ter dis­own­ing his fa­ther, Ned dropped this last name.

14. He re­peat­edly

abused Kristina.

15. Ric’s kid

16. The guy who used to

own Ju­lian’s pub

20. The Float­ing ______

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