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El­iz­a­beth Hen­drick­son (Mar­gaux, GH)

“I have a feel­ing it would be James Pa­trick Stu­art (Valentin). I don’t know him very well, but from the way he works, that would be my guess. The best ac­tors are the smartest ac­tors — and he is an in­cred­i­ble ac­tor, so I’m go­ing to guess that he can han­dle that puzzle.”

Vic­to­ria Kone­fal (Ciara, DAYS)

“I think Galen [Ger­ing, Rafe]. He’ll come in the makeup room singing, spin­ning some ran­dom jokes, and then all of a sud­den he’ll give us a ran­dom fact. And I’m all, ‘Okay! Thank you for the ran­dom in­for­ma­tion!’ I love learn­ing!”

Ta­mara Braun (Kim, GH)

“I have no clue, but I know it’s not me!”

Sharon Case (Sharon, Y&R)

“Peter Bergman (Jack). I think he ac­tu­ally does cross­words, and he seems to know a lot of ex­cel­lent trivia!”

Carolyn Hen­nesy (Diane, GH)

“Fi­nola Hughes (Anna), no con­test. She’s so smart, so tuned-in, so well-in­formed. And she could prob­a­bly do it in ink.”

Karla Mosley (Maya, B&B)

“I think Thorsten [Kaye, Ridge]. He has knowl­edge. He likes to play dumb, but he’s a smart cookie.”

Na­dia Bjor­lin (Chloe, DAYS)

“John Anis­ton (Vic­tor)! He’s bril­liant, and he does cross­word puz­zles all the time. When you see him, he usu­ally has one in his hand.”

Kate Lin­der (Es­ther, Y&R)

“It’s a toss-up be­tween Chris­tian [Jules LeBlanc, Michael], be­cause he could just do some­thing like that, and Jess [Wal­ton, Jill]. Chris­tian knows so many things, and Jess… she is very knowl­edge­able as well.”

Robert Scott Wil­son (Ben, DAYS)

“I’d say Vic­to­ria [Kone­fal, Ciara]. She’s a pretty clever young lady.”

Bry­ton James (Devon, Y&R)

“I don’t know, but if I were to guess it would prob­a­bly be Peter Bergman (Jack) or Daniel God­dard (Cane). They both have a lot of knowl­edge about many top­ics.”

Darin Brooks (Wyatt, B&B)

“John Mc­Cook (Eric) seems like the sort of per­son who does cross­word puz­zles and would

be good at them.”

Gina Tognoni (Phyl­lis, Y&R)

“Peter Bergman (Jack), be­cause I’ve seen him do it.”

Kin Shriner (Scott, GH)

“Maybe Lynn Her­ring (Lucy)? I don’t know! I don’t see any ac­tors do­ing any kind of cross­word puz­zles at all any­more.”

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