Maxie & Levi

ABC Soaps In Depth - - So Wrong It Wasn't Right -

From the mo­ment Maxie re­turned to town with the pony­tail-sport­ing, mantra-spout­ing wannabe guru, we knew he was trou­ble even if she didn’t. We also knew that her hunky roomie, Nathan, was ev­ery bit as right for Maxie as Levi was wrong. By the time she was pre­par­ing to walk down the aisle with the Aussie, we were con­tem­plat­ing giv­ing them a di­vorce as a wed­ding gift! That said, even we were sur­prised when Nathan and Maxie wound up shar­ing their first kiss sec­onds af­ter she killed Levi… and while stand­ing over his body!

We sus­pect th­ese two orig­i­nally bonded over hair prod­ucts.

This be­comes 27.3 per­cent less ro­man­tic when the cam­era pansdown to the body at their feet.

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