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tive to phys­i­cally go­ing to a client lo­ca­tion. This still pro­vides a per­sonal touch even if you are not phys­i­cally in an of­fice. Drones are al­ready trans­form­ing the way in­ven­tory is as­sessed and have been found to be even more ac­cu­rate than a per­son do­ing the phys­i­cal in­ven­tory count.

De­cide where you want to be­gin by map­ping each part of your stan­dard busi­ness pro­cesses and de­ter­mine one or two ar­eas to be­gin with this year. As you test them and be­gin to im­ple­ment them into the stan­dard pro­cesses, then you can set the next one or two ar­eas you want to at­tack next.

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