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Accounting Today - - Special Report: Client Accounting Services -

Chan­dra Bhansali Co-founder and CEO

How has tech­nol­ogy en­abled the new gen­er­a­tion of client ac­count­ing ser­vices?

Cloud tech­nol­ogy elim­i­nates the lim­i­ta­tions of desk­top ac­count­ing sys­tems that made of­fer­ing client ac­count­ing ser­vices a daunt­ing task. The cloud makes close col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween ac­coun­tants and clients pos­si­ble. This makes of­fer­ing out­sourced ac­count­ing ser­vices — which is the main ser­vice un­der CAS — easy. Us­ing cloud­based CAS solutions, clients can eas­ily up­load in­voices, the ac­coun­tant’s staff can en­ter them right from their of­fice and send a link to clients to ap­prove those in­voices af­ter they have been en­tered. Real-time ac­cess to data en­ables ac­coun­tants to man­age their clients’ cash flow and KPIs and of­fer out­sourced CFO ser­vices eas­ily.

How are you help­ing firms suc­ceed with CAS?

Ac­count­ing solutions cre­ated for small busi­nesses and sold directly to them limit ac­coun­tants’ abil­ity to best serve their clients. Our pri­mary fo­cus is to bring control back to ac­coun­tants so they can best serve all their clients, in­clud­ing those who want to off­load all their ac­count­ing work to their ac­coun­tant. Cre­ated ex­clu­sively for ac­coun­tants, our cloud-based Ac­count­ing Power is the first true CAS so­lu­tion. It in­cludes both a pow­er­ful pro­fes­sional sys­tem and a com­pre­hen­sive GL sys­tem with a stream­lined work­flow. This break­through ap­proach gives you the power and control you need to run a high-vol­ume, high-mar­gin CAS prac­tice.

Ac­coun­tants have lost control of ac­count­ing and pay­roll — two of their core ser­vices— to companies that sell solutions directly to small busi­nesses. Ac­coun­tantsWorld’s core fo­cus is to bring control of these ser­vices back to ac­coun­tants us­ing the power of the cloud. Our cloud-based pro­fes­sional ac­count­ing sys­tem, Ac­count­ing Power, gives ac­coun­tants stronger control over client ac­count­ing. Our cloud-based pay­roll sys­tem, Pay­roll Re­lief, helps ac­coun­tants of­fer highly prof­itable ser­vices with vir­tu­ally no com­pli­ance headaches. Ac­coun­tantsWorld never com­petes with ac­coun­tants or sells prod­ucts or ser­vices directly to their clients.

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