Apollo Com­mand Mod­ule Panel, Apollo 1 Design

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t Apollo 1 mis­sion pi­lot Roger Chaf­fee and backup pi­lot Rusty Sch­we­ickart prob­a­bly trained with this in­stru­ment panel model, now in Jurvet­son’s col­lec­tion. The panel is iden­ti­cal to the one in the com­mand mod­ule that caught on fire while the Apollo 1 as­tro­nauts re­hearsed in it. The block with round gauges mon­i­tored and con­trolled the power sys­tem. Af­ter the fire, which was at­trib­uted to faulty wiring, the power block design was al­tered. Sch­we­ickart pi­loted the lu­nar mod­ule on Apollo 9, space­walk­ing back to the com­mand mod­ule to en­sure it could be done even if some­thing went wrong with the


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