Lu­nar Or­bit EVA Cue Card, Apollo 17

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t This check­list, which was stuck to an in­stru­ment panel in­side the Apollo 17 com­mand mod­ule (note the Vel­cro fix­tures), de­tails the im­me­di­ate prepa­ra­tions for CM pi­lot Ron Evans’ De­cem­ber 17, 1972 space­walk. Most of the in­struc­tions are for phys­i­cal ac­tions (“Don hel­met, lock”) and thus easy for layper­sons to de­ci­pher. Evans went out to re­trieve can­is­ters of film from the map­ping and panoramic cam­eras in the sci­en­tific in­stru­ment mod­ule bay, which had been pho­tograph­ing the moon from 70 miles up. The 67-minute ex­cur­sion was the last ex­trave­hic­u­lar ac­tiv­ity (EVA) of the Apollo pro­gram. It was dur­ing this mis­sion that the fa­mous “blue mar­ble” pho­to­graph of Earth was taken, but by one of the crew from the in­te­rior of the craft. Jurek got the card from Gene Cer­nan, last man to walk on the moon.

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