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Airport Terminals and Gates


The passenger terminal complex at Atlanta Airport consists of two main terminals: • • •

The Domestic Terminal (with North & South ‘Terminals’) and its Concourses T, A, B, C & D

The Internatio­nal Terminal (‘Maynard Jackson Terminal’ or IT / TI) with Concourses E & F.

The Internatio­nal Terminal (on Aviation Blvd., near Loop Road) is one mile from the Domestic Terminal, is connected by free undergroun­d Plane Train serving all domestic & internatio­nal terminals & Concourses. For travel within the U.S., check in at the Domestic Terminal’s North or South check-in terminals (for Alaska & Delta use South Terminal); for travel outside of the U.S. check in at the Internatio­nal Terminal.

Atlanta airport is currently the busiest airport in the world. Therefore, it is not problem-free with baggage delays and congested areas. Parking can be another difficulty and the airport’s size adds extra minutes to journey time. But the courtesy and natural friendless of the airport staff is probably its greatest asset.

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