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Airport Terminals and Gates


The passenger terminal complex at Minneapoli­s St. Paul Airport consists of Lindbergh Terminal 1 (T1) and Humphrey Terminal 2 (T2).

Lindbergh Terminal 1 (T1) with Concourses A through G – serves Air Canada, Air Choice One, Air France, Alaska, American, Boutique Air, Delta, Frontier, KLM, Spirit and United.. Delta currently uses all Concourses, except E, and maintains ‘Need Help?’ centers near gates C2, C13, F1 & G10. Concourses & their gates surround the center on three sides at: West – Concourse G; at East – Concourses A & B (connected by tunnel); and C & D; at North – Concourses E & F (connected to the ‘Mall’); at South

• Concourse A has gates A1-14 - served by Delta, and is connected by escalator & tunnel to Concourse B);

• Concourse B has gates B1-16–served by Delta; and is connected by escalator & tunnel to Concourses A & C

• Concourse C has gates C1-27 (C13-18 & C19-27) – served by Delta; near gates 12/13 is the escalator to the crosswalk to Concourse G, while C1 connects to D gates. A nursing station is across from C13.

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