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• Con­course D has gates D1-D6 – served by Delta; Delta help cen­ter is lo­cated be­tween gates C1 & E2.

• Con­course E has gates E1-E16 – served by Air Canada, Alaska, Amer­i­can, Fron­tier, Great Lakes, Spirit & United; a nurs­ing sta­tion is also to be at Con­course C.

Con­course F has gates F1-F16 – served by Delta; (a nurs­ing sta­tion is near F2).

Con­course G has gates G1-10 & 11-22 – served by Delta, KLM & Air France. A cross­walk near gate G18 con­nects to Con­course C. At Con­course cen­ter is se­cu­rity check­point & in­ter­na­tional ar­rivals fa­cil­ity.

Humphrey Ter­mi­nal 2 (T2) with H gates serves cur­rently Con­dor, Ice­landair, South­west, and Sun Coun­try air­lines with gates H1-8 at west & H9-14 at east- served by sep­a­rte se­cu­rity checks 2 & 1. If ar­riv­ing (a) at Or­ange park­ing Ramp, take the Sky­way ar­riv­ing just be­fore se­cu­rity check­point 1; (b) if ar­riv­ing at Pur­ple Park­ing Ramp, take the level 2 Sky­way ar­riv­ing be­fore Se­cu­rity check 2; in both in­stances, take the el­e­va­tor or es­ca­la­tor down to the Tick­et­ing level. T2 has two lev­els:

Level 1 of T2 is for tick­et­ing, bag­gage claim and out­side pas­sen­ger pickup & drop-off; and

Level 2 houses se­cu­rity check­points, sky­way, and air­line gates. It also con­nects, via sky­way, to the park­ing fa­cil­ity with ground transport cen­ter, which in turn con­nects to the MSP Value park­ing fa­cil­ity and ad­ja­cent Light

Rail Tran­sit Sta­tion.

The gate area now fea­tures power seat­ing on com­fort­able stools, space to work & elec­tric out­lets. A power seat is also in the Ser­vice Cen­ter across from gate H3. Power poles are at gates H3, H4, H9 & H10.

Disabled Ser­vices

• • • Wheel­chair As­sis­tance: Air­lines pro­vide wheel­chairs for use through­out the Lind­bergh and Humphrey ter­mi­nals. Men­tion your need for a wheel­chair in the ter­mi­nal when you make your flight reser­va­tion. If you arrive at the air­port with­out ar­range­ments for a wheel­chair through your air­line, one may be at the in­for­ma­tion booth on the Tram Level, or ask an air­line representa­tive for as­sis­tance. Cour­tesy phones for per­sons need­ing wheel­chair as­sis­tance are lo­cated di­rectly across form bag­gage carousels 6 and 10 on the Bag­gage Claim Level. Just lift the re­ceiver and you will be con­nected to some­one who can as­sist you. Once past se­cu­rity, Trav­el­ers As­sis­tance (TA) vol­un­teers are also avail­able to as­sist with ob­tain­ing a wheel­chair. Visit a TA in­for­ma­tion booth or call 612-726-5500.

Elec­tric Carts: Elec­tric carts are avail­able through­out Lind­bergh Ter­mi­nal, but are not avail­able at Humphrey Ter­mi­nal. Two com­pa­nies at MSP pro­vide this ser­vice: North­west Air­lines con­tracts with Globe Avi­a­tion Ser­vices, all other air­lines con­tract with Prime­flight Avi­a­tion Ser­vices. The “”cart stop”” ap­proach was adopted at MSP to pro­vide the best elec­tric cart ser­vice. The cart stops are clearly marked with signs above blue chairs im­printed with the dis­abil­i­ties logo. The elec­tric carts are sched­uled to pick up pas­sen­gers ev­ery 1015 min­utes. Find “cart stops” di­rectly in­side se­cu­rity and at ev­ery gate along the C, D, E, F and G con­courses.

Re­strooms: All re­strooms at the Lind­bergh and Humphrey Ter­mi­nals are equipped with ex­tra-wide stalls and side grab bars. Com­pan­ion care re­strooms in the Lind­bergh Ter­mi­nal are be­tween check­points 1 and 2; in bag­gage claim near Door 2; near gates A3, A6, A9, B3, B7, B11, C3, C12, C16, C18, C21, C25 & F10; and on Tram Level near the es­ca­la­tors to the ho­tel shut­tles.

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