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Green Ve­hi­cle Park­ing Zones

• Charg­ing is free.

• Park­ing stalls are marked ‘Green Ve­hi­cle Park­ing’. For In­ter­na­tional Garage A use SouthLink Rd; for Int’lGarage G use North Link Rd.

• At long-term Garage at lev­els 2 near el­e­va­tors & at long-term sur­face lot at Bus Stops 5, 7 & 8.

• At Do­mes­tic Garage, level 1 (stalls are in each sec­tion of the garage, ad­ja­cent to elevator lob­bies); on level 4: ParkValet. • At In­ter­na­tional Garage A (South Link Rd.) at level 2 near ter­mi­nal walk­way, & level 7 near AirTrain ter­mi­nal.

• At In­ter­na­tional Garage G, (North Link Rd.), at level 1near el­e­va­tors, at level 3 near ter­mi­nal walk­way, and level 7 near AirTran Ter­mi­nal.

• Park Valet on level 4 of Do­mes­tic garage.


• It is avail­able on level 4 of the Do­mes­tic Garage. Sub­scribers en­joy au­to­mated en­try/exit with­out lines or cashiers. You can also use a valid credit card.

• Direc­tions: from U.S. 101, use the Air­port exit, then fol­low signs to Do­mes­tic Ter­mi­nals De­par­tures Level road­way; stay in the left lane & turn left into the garage en­trance, op­po­site Delta Air­lines curb.

• Fees: Each 15 min­utes $2; mem­bers: each 24 hrs $40; non-mem­bers: each 24 hrs $42– credit card only.


• It is avail­able for all ter­mi­nals and is lo­cated in the Do­mes­tic Garage. (Direc­tions are same as for ParkFast).

• Fees: Each 24-hr pe­riod $45.

Long-term Park­ing

• In the Park­ing Garage on South Air­port Blvd. (clos­est to the Air­port en­trance), with a pick-up/drop-off park­ing shut­tle stop to/ from the In­ter­na­tional Ter­mi­nal and at the Over­flow, Long-term Park­ing Lot D’ s en­trance is on San Bruno Ave., across from the Long-term Park­ing Garage.

• Fees: $2 each 15-minute seg­ment; up to daily max $25.

Do­mes­tic Park­ing Garage for Hourly Park­ing

• It has 5 lev­els, with short tun­nels lead­ing to all Ter­mi­nals is lo­cated in the cen­ter of the Ter­mi­nal Cir­cle. Its des­ig­nated Let­ters A – G re­fer to the board­ing gate let­ters of Ter­mi­nal 1 (B & C), Ter­mi­nal 2 (D), Ter­mi­nal 3 (E & F), & the In­ter­na­tional Ter­mi­nal (F/G & A/B). To ac­cess the Do­mes­tic Garage, fol­low signs to the In­ter­na­tional Ter­mi­nal on the road­way, then fol­low ‘hourly’ park­ing signs on the fly­way to the garage en­trance – then fol­low color-coded sec­tions: orange for A/B & B gates; red for C gates; pur­ple for D gates; blue for E gates, and green for F & F/G gates.

• Fees: Each15-min­u­tee seg­ment $2; up to daily max $36.

In­ter­na­tional Park­ing Garages A & G for daily/ hourly park­ing

• They are in front of the In­ter­na­tional Ter­mi­nal’s North & South sides, and all ter­mi­nals can be ac­cessed from these garages ei­ther by pedes­trian walk­ways to In­ter­na­tional Ter­mi­nal – or by AirTrain to Ter­mi­nals T1, T2 & T3. To ac­cess Garages A & G, fol­low In­ter­na­tional Ter­mi­nal signs on the road­way & then the Garages A & G signs on the fly­way.

• Fees: For hourly park­ing: $2 each 15-minute seg­ment; up to daily max $36.

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