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• The Main Ter­mi­nal houses pre-se­cu­rity check-in/ tick­et­ing, arrivals & mez­za­nine lev­els. The Main Ter­mi­nal’s North & South Sta­tions are to the right & left of the com­plex, con­nect­ing both ends by train.

• The Cen­tral Ter­mi­nal rep­re­sents the post-se­cu­rity Con­course level, with se­cu­rity check­points, and di­rect access to the bag­gage claim area on ei­ther side of the cen­ter. It houses a num­ber of din­ing & shop­ping op­tions, with access to pet re­lief ar­eas and to con­courses/gates, which also of­fer food & drink, & re­tail con­ces­sions.

• Con­course A is presently served by Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, Sun Coun­try, United /United Ex­press – at gates A1 to A14. Op­po­site gate 4, two lev­els down, is tran­sit to B, S & D gates, with con­nec­tion to C & N gates.

• Con­course B is presently served by Fron­tier, South­west & Vir­gin Amer­ica – at gates B4 to B14. Be­tween gates 11 & 15, two lev­els down, is tran­sit to A, S & D gate with con­nec­tions to C & N.

• Con­course C is presently served by Alaska Air­lines – at gates C2A-C2M & C3-C20. Near gate C14, go down to tran­sit to D & N gates, with con­nec­tions to A, B & S gates.

• Con­course D is presently served by Alaska, Amer­i­can & JetBlue – at gates D1 to D11. Op­po­site gate D3, down 2 lev­els, is tran­sit to C & N gates, & shut­tle to A gates, with con­nec­tions to B & S gates. Near ‘Alaska Lodge’ is, on op­po­site sides, access to the Bag­gage Claim & access to C gates.

• The North Satel­lite is presently served by Alaska & United air­lines – at gates N1 to N16. Be­tween gates N9 & N10, down one level, is tran­sit to Main Ter­mi­nal, bag­gage claim & all other gates.

• The South Satel­lite is used for all in­ter­na­tional arrivals (ex­cept those from air­ports with cus­toms pre-clear­ances).It is presently served by Air Mo­bil­ity AMC, ANA All Nip­pon, Asiana, Bri­tish, Condor, Delta /Delta Con­nec­tion, Emi­rates, EVA, Hainan, Hawai­ian, Ice­landair, Korean, Lufthansa air­lines, Vir­gin At­lantic & Xi­a­men.

Dis­abled Ser­vices

• Wheel­chair service is pro­vided by air­lines; con­tact your air­line 48 hours prior to sched­uled de­par­ture, or in­clude re­quest for wheel­chair when mak­ing reser­va­tions. Also con­tact your air­line in ad­vance for med­i­cal re­quire­ments and in­quire whether you can be ac­com­pa­nied to the gate. Wheel­chairs are also avail­able for rent at Ken’s Bag­gage & Frozen Food Stor­age.

• All el­e­va­tors are equipped with Braille, low­ered con­trol pan­els, floor-pass­ing gongs, and raised call but­tons.

• Park­ing is avail­able at Ter­mi­nal Di­rect Park­ing (level 4) and Gen­eral Park­ing (level 5).

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