Epis­co­pal bishop’s be­lief shows courage

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In his crit­i­cism of Epis­co­pal Dio­cese of Al­bany Bishop Rev. Wil­liam H. Love’s be­lief that God does not ap­prove of same-sex mar­riage, Don­ald Cs­aposs ac­cuses the bishop of ha­tred three times in his short let­ter (“Bishop shows him­self un­wor­thy to lead dio­cese,” Nov. 27).

On the same day, Mar­garet Bruce also char­ac­ter­izes the bishop’s prin­ci­pled stance as an ex­pres­sion of ha­tred (“Pain, prayers and a plea for Love to re­con­sider,” Nov. 27). And both writ­ers claim in dif­fer­ent ways that he is ob­sessed with “this nar­row sub­ject” while ig­nor­ing “greater so­cial and spir­i­tual crises.”

Be­liev­ing that mar­riage is be­tween a man and a woman is not a “hate-filled con­vic­tion. Most peo­ple who hold that con­vic­tion dearly love the members of the LGBTQ com­mu­nity. In ad­di­tion, there is no ev­i­dence that Bishop Love is not pas­sion­ate about many im­por­tant so­cial is­sues. And he un­doubt­edly cares deeply about the spir­i­tual well-be­ing of each of the parish­ioners he loves and serves. It is the promi­nence of the mar­riage is­sue that re­quired his re­sponse. To have kept silent would have been cow­ardly. His full cir­cu­lar on the sub­ject, which was ex­ten­sively quoted from in this news­pa­per, doc­u­ments how much he loves ev­ery­one and wel­comes all Epis­co­palians into the faith.

Epis­co­palians, and all of us, should ex­er­cise tol­er­ance to­ward a Chris­tian leader who coura­geously stands up for what he be­lieves is God’s truth as re­vealed in His word. Let’s dial down the rage. Tol­er­ance should work both ways.

Jeff schoon­maker Al­bany

Amy Bian­colli / Times Union


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