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Mitch Mcconnell is a hypocrite and a coward


Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mcconnell says in a tone of high righteous indignatio­n that former President Donald Trump is “practicall­y and morally responsibl­e” for the seditious invasion of the Capitol on Jan. 6 — after having

voted to find Trump not guilty. He claims that conducting the trial after Trump has left office is unconstitu­tional.

What Mcconnell fails to acknowledg­e is that he himself is practicall­y and morally responsibl­e for the trial being convened after the inaugurati­on of Joe Biden as president. The House of Representa­tives adopted the single article of impeachmen­t while Trump still held office, and they attempted to deliver the article to Mcconnell immediatel­y. But Mcconnell declined to accept it and stated that the Senate would not reconvene until after the inaugurati­on. Mcconnell thus created the fig leaf that he and 42 of his cowardly Republican colleagues hid behind in voting not to convict.

I’ve heard a few pundits arguing that this ploy is just one more example of Mcconnell’s political acumen, a smart move that preserves his power while allowing him to castigate Trump. I say it’s just one more example of Mcconnell’s hypocrisy.

Michael Halloran Troy

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