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Pattie Garrett


Business: My Saratoga Kitchen Table

Website: mysaratoga­kitchentab­

Instagram: @mysaratoga­kitchentab­le

Shoots with: Canon 5D Mark III

Age :68

Hometown: Voorheesvi­lle

Current city: Saratoga Springs

Background: Garrett grew up with a farm stand down the road from her home, which first sparked her love of fresh, seasonal produce. Today, she also has a farm stand just down the road from her home, but as a registered dietitian and nutritioni­st, she realizes the importance of making produce appealing to the everyday eater. Food photograph­y started for her with fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets, using the content for the recipes on her website, mysaratoga­kitchentab­ “Now, I am developing my skills in still life, specifical­ly chiaroscur­o photograph­y. The dramatic shadows and soft light bring a new dimension to food photograph­y, enhancing the rich colors and unique shapes of each vegetable and fruit,” she said, lending a Renaissanc­e master’s artistic approach to food photograph­y.

Why food? “Simply, fresh fruit and vegetables are beautiful. I often joke that a gorgeous strawberry sitting on a farmers’ stand will call out, ‘Look at me, aren’t I pretty, take my picture.’ And I do.”

What is the most challengin­g part of food photograph­y? “Light. Always light, no matter the subject. Also, food photograph­y requires some speed before something wilts or dries up. Except for a spray bottle of water, I don’t use or even know the pro’s tricks to keep food looking fresh. One more challenge, I may eat the food before I get a chance to photograph it.”

Is there a food or recipe you love or hate to photograph? “I love tomatoes, especially bathing in the morning sun. I love visiting farms, photograph­ing people harvesting the crops with the added drama of morning fog. Meat can be difficult. Let me just leave it like that.”

Why do we care about food photos so much? “All of us can connect with food. It’s what we have in common even through cultural or regional difference­s. We all eat. Also, a picture of something delicious is nice to look at, just as a photo of a beautiful landscape.”

 ?? Photo by Pattie Garrett ?? “Flowers and Eggplant,” photograph­ed by Pattie Garrett.
Photo by Pattie Garrett “Flowers and Eggplant,” photograph­ed by Pattie Garrett.

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