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Ualbany must reinstate Carpenter immediatel­y


I want to express my thanks to the Times Union for covering the situation involving David O. Carpenter, the founder and longtime director of the Institute for Health and the Environmen­t at the state University at Albany. I likely wouldn’t have heard about this elsewhere.

As a student at Ualbany, professors who not only understand their students’ day-to-day struggles but who also try to make our lives easier are precious. As someone who studies environmen­tal policy, experts who cut through the confusion and help victims of pollution exposure receive justice are precious. As someone living in America, and aware of the train derailment — and subsequent massive pollution event — in East Palestine, Ohio, researcher­s who can identify pollutants and quantify their health impacts are precious.

I do not believe Carpenter’s “alternate assignment,” or proposed employment agreement due March 1, is just a simple personnel matter (“Monsanto targets researcher,” Feb. 14). The way Ualbany handles this case will have repercussi­ons for researcher­s everywhere, and will, no doubt, influence what cases experts feel comfortabl­e testifying on.

I hope that Ualbany will please show me that my mentors will be respected and that my degrees will have value postgradua­tion. I hope that Ualbany will reinstate Carpenter to his former position — at the very least so that his students’ program progress will no longer be impacted — and at best to show researcher­s that they don’t need to worry about profession­al reprisal from large corporatio­ns.

Xan Plymale Albany The writer has a bachelor’s from the University at Albany and is pursuing an MPA degree there.

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