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The Satur­day Night Live alum moves into prime time in Me, My­self and I on Sept. 25. The new CBS com­edy is about the defin­ing mo­ments in the life of a char­ac­ter, Alex Ri­ley—played by Moynihan, 40, Jack Dy­lan Grazer and John Lar­ro­quette—at three dif­fer­ent pe­ri­ods from child­hood to old age.

Tell us a bit about Alex. He’s a hope­ful little kid who’s got a fire in­side of him to keep mov­ing, and then when you see him as me, he’s in sham­bles. He’s a sin­gle dad liv­ing in his best friend’s garage with his daugh­ter. But he’s still got that fight in­side of him. It’s fill­ing in the blanks that’s go­ing to be the fun part, for me at least.

How did three ac­tors con­nect the char­ac­ter? On the first day, Jack, John and I sat down and talked about how we could make him sim­i­lar. John has this little tic that he does, which is tap­ping his chin when think­ing, so the three of us started do­ing that.

Was work­ing on Satur­day Night Live your child­hood dream? I have videos of me as a kid in a suit walk­ing out of the bath­room go­ing, “Bobby Moynihan,” and pre­tend­ing to do the open­ing cred­its. I was ob­sessed with it. You are also the voice of Louie in Duck­Tales, which just pre­miered on Dis­ney XD. In this Duck­Tales se­ries, the triplets are def­i­nitely more in­di­vid­ual. Huey is more of the leader, Dewey is the mid­dle child and Louie is very greedy; he wants to be Scrooge. I call him the evil triplet.

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