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Albuquerque Journal - Parade - - Pick - By Mar­i­lyn v vos Sa­vant —A.O.,— Raleigh, N.C.

An ac­quain­tance so some­times shines a laser poin­ter at o other peo­ple's eyes. Once and for all, can this prac­tice cause dam dam­age? It de­pends on the de de­vice. Some are un­likely to cause ha harm, but oth­ers can eas­ily cause it. T The prob­lem is that con­sumers can can’t tell where a par­tic­u­lar de­vice ma may re­side along that range, and they know lit­tle about lasers in gene gen­eral. (For ex­am­ple, the color of t the light makes a dif­fer­ence.) Even e ex­perts can be mis­led by mis­la­beli mis­la­bel­ing and im­proper im­ports, of which th there are a great many. Th The fi fi­nal l word? Never aim a laser poin­ter, even one you think is just a toy, at any­one. Also, don't buy laser point­ers for your chil­dren.

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