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Trash Talk

Swear words—those so­cially un­ac­cept­able ex­ple­tives we ut­ter when we’re mad—are a no-no, right? Science and lan­guage writer Emma Byrne says, “H@#$ no!” and of­fers up data in Swear­ing Is Good for You: The Amaz­ing Science of Bad Lan­guage (W.W. Nor­ton & Com­pany) to prove that cussing—in mod­er­a­tion—can help lower anx­i­ety and even curb phys­i­cal and emo­tional pain. $26. Visit Pa­­ing * * can build bonds at work.

You Bet

In Think­ing in Bets: Mak­ing Smarter De­ci­sions When You

Don’t Have All the Facts (Port­fo­lio, avail­able Feb. 6), World Se­ries of Poker champ and lead­er­ship guru An­nie Duke shows us how to make good bets on Z& how to pick the best can­di­date in an elec­tion. $26. Visit Pa­ al­ways equal bad re­sults. Avail­able in book­stores and on­line

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