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Star Center finances not really so rosy


YOUR RIO WEST story about the finances of the Santa Ana Star Center “looking up” couldn’t have been further off the mark. It may be true that the annual operating subsidy for the center has dropped from $874,000 to $769,000 but, with Rio Rancho taxpayers on the hook for an additional $2.2 million annually through 2032, the center’s finances will continue to be a major burden on city taxpayers.

It is true that a vast majority of arenas and events centers are money losers. That’s hardly a justificat­ion. Rather, it is an indicator that cities like Rio Rancho are overinvest­ing in such facilities relative to the market’s willingnes­s to pay for them. In basic economic terms, supply is outpacing demand.

For Rio Rancho, it is too late. City taxpayers are paying what currently amounts to 80 percent of their annual gross receipts tax collection­s for an arena. Yes, bond money is separate from the general fund budget but, when you put the city’s financial obligation­s in that light, you see why the center was a major mistake.

The good news is that Rio Rancho’s experience can be a lesson to Albuquerqu­e and other cities that might be considerin­g such major and potentiall­y burdensome spending projects.



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