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U.S. should pay in full into Global Fund


ALTHOUGH WE READ daily of upheaval and tragedies caused by violence and natural disasters, good — even great — events are also part of our world.

Since 2002, when countries came together to create the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculos­is and Malaria, 17 million lives have been saved. Life-saving TB treatments have been received by 13.2 million people. Another 8.1 million people are on antiretrov­iral treatments for HIV and now are able to care for their families. Preventing millions of deaths and debilitati­ng sickness from malaria has been achieved through the distributi­on of 548 million mosquito nets. These are stunning achievemen­ts.

Why does this matter to U.S. citizens? People who are not sick or dying can raise their children and go to work, producing more stable economies and government­s. I’m proud the U.S. has supported the Global Fund since its beginning. For every $1 the U.S. pledges, at least two more dollars are donated by other countries.

In September, world leaders will meet to replenish the Global Fund. Canada and the European Union have already increased their pledges by 20 percent. Japan has pledged an additional $800 million. These countries understand that healthier population­s are required for healthier economies and healthier government­s.

The U.S. can continue to do its part by pledging the full amount, as it has done in the past. We live in a world free of smallpox and polio. We have an opportunit­y to create a world free of AIDS, TB and malaria. Let’s do it. SANDRA DUCKERT Corrales

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