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Wells Fargo grants $300K to Acción


Well’s Fargo has granted $300,000 to Albuquerqu­ebased microlende­r Acción for outreach to Native and African American entreprene­urs, while making another $1 million in capital available for lending to small and micro businesses.

Acción now has $2.4 million in lending capital to draw on from Wells Fargo Works for Small Business Diverse Community Capital program.

A national civil-rights nonprofit has given PNM Resources Inc. a middling rating for its workplace equality policies.

In an annual report assessing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgende­r, and queer inclusion in major companies and law firms across the nation, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation gave PNM a score of 65 out of 100. While the report gave PNM points for mandatory diversity training and including nondiscrim­ination policies in the employee handbook, the company lost points by not offering the same benefits to both opposite-sex spouses of employees and same-sex domestic partners.

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