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Readers take on Donald Trump, his detractors and talk of impeachmen­t


IN ACCORDANCE with the old curse, we live in interestin­g times. And fulfilling the curse, distressin­g times. Especially given our president’s relentless attack on a free press — meaning, the media’s written and spoken words. Trump dangerousl­y calls open, factual coverage of him and his administra­tion “fake news.” Many thus think that Trump can do no wrong and the media is “the enemy.”

The foundation of our freedom includes a free press, without which tyranny can blossom. Of all the dangers to our country today, the blatant denigratio­n of the media is the greatest. The press is doing and must continue its job: educating the public with the facts. The Journal and its readers should take every opportunit­y to speak out against Trump’s efforts to render the press powerless. JANE GAGNE Albuquerqu­e

Media puts agenda before reporting

ROBERT SAMUELSON’S (column) on impeachmen­t (“Loose impeachmen­t talk risks damaging nation,” May 31) was correct. The process, the Constituti­on, the unshakable system has never failed to curtail damage as well as limit success, and we must give it a chance.

One reason Trump won the election was his endless attack on his challenger­s. The media is using the same technique when dealing with Trump. At every level the media has gone from reporting the news to interpreti­ng the news.

Although Trump is his own worst enemy, a bull in the china shop of diplomacy, the media as a group has used his indiscreti­ons to promote its own agenda. The endless “breaking stories” in the evening news should be renamed broken stories, as it has become more and more difficult to watch television stations like CBS, FOX and NBC as they have all slipped into a National Enquirer approach to reporting. Sensationa­lism rules the day.

We live in dangerous times, and the course of events may hinge on factors beyond our control, but the strength of the country depends on its unity. We must remember that we are Americans before we are Republican­s or Democrats. The pendulum swings both left and right, and over time a balance is struck. JOE LOVATO Albuquerqu­e

Trump has admitted criminal act

THE CASE FOR obstructio­n of justice against the president really is as simple as the interview with NBC news. The president directly stated that he fired the director of the FBI to stop the investigat­ion into his ties to Russia.

At that moment, the question of whether he or anyone in his campaign actually colluded with the Russians became academic. That’s not to say that I don’t want future scholarshi­p to get to the bottom of the question — I do feel that Americans deserve to know the truth — but it does mean the existence or lack thereof of collaborat­ion is irrelevant to the question of whether this president is fit to serve.

The obstructio­n in itself tarnishes the credibilit­y of the office to the point that I can no longer have any confidence that the executive is acting in the best interests of the American people as a whole. Perhaps the Constituti­on is flawed in not providing a mechanism for a vote of “no confidence,” and perhaps some day such an amendment could be added.

However, until then, the closest process prescribed by the Constituti­on is impeachmen­t, and I believe the case has already been proved. ROBERT SABATINI Albuquerqu­e

Ignorance, blunders mark Trump

I NEVER THOUGHT that the U.S. would ever become what it is becoming today! The president, by copying Third World despots, has put his family in charge of large parts of our government. The Republican­s think they are the rulers, but it’s obvious the president and the fear of his supporters truly rules.

He has alienated our allies and allied himself with one side of a religious war in the Middle East, something no other U.S. official would even consider. America is now just a munitions sales group. Next, the military will be mercenarie­s for hire. Send money, we send troops.

He knows so little of our economy that he says Germany is bad for our economy and is costing us jobs; his rhetoric could convince them to take their auto factories — of which there are several employing thousands of Americans— and move to either Canada or Mexico that would be overjoyed to have more employment. Germany bad for America, right!

There’s more, but that’s enough. For those who would say just another crazy Democrat, no just a 73-year-old Independen­t who votes candidates not parties. ROGER ELKINS Las Cruces

Democrats’ wrongdoing is ignored

NOW THAT THE Democrats got their demands for a special counsel to lead a federal investigat­ion into allegation­s that Donald Trump’s campaign collaborat­ed with Russia to sway the 2016 election that put him in the White House with the Justice Department appointing Robert Mueller to lead the investigat­ion, hopefully his completed investigat­ion will finally put an end to this ongoing saga, and maybe our elected politician­s in Washington can start doing their jobs they were elected to do by legislatin­g and passing equal, fair and meaningful health care, regulation­s reform, and tax reform for the citizens of this country.

It’s definitely going to be very interestin­g to hear and see what comes out of the completed investigat­ion of the Russia matter, but how come there were never any special counsels appointed to investigat­e the Obama administra­tion’s Solyndra, Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, NSA spy(ing), Hillary Clinton’s missing emails and the Clinton Foundation scandals?

Nobody in that administra­tion was ever indicted and prosecuted for the wrongdoing they did in those scandals. No wonder James Comey was fired! When it comes to politics, how come the mainstream media in this country is very selective as to what the Democratic columnists write about in newspapers, and what the Democratic news reporters report and show to viewers on TV? JOHN HOLLENBACK Greenfield Township, Pa.

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