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Are we losing respect for our country?


IT SEEMS our country, or at least Albuquerqu­e, is already forgetting the lives lost on (9-11). Flags were not at half staff, no moment of silence during the (school) announceme­nts, no acknowledg­ement whatsoever. It breaks my heart. For me, it’s personal, because I knew people in the city on that day. I have worked with nurses who cared for the sick and the dying in Manhattan. It seems to me that we are raising this next generation to have no respect for history or our country. Patriotism is absent, even frowned upon. How can we expect anything else from them when the adults around them don’t model patriotic behavior?

I believe steps can be taken to correct this. I believe that our school district can be a shining example for the population of Albuquerqu­e and all of New Mexico. We aren’t at the moment, but I am sure there must be people at city center who can change that. I challenge them to re-create pride in our great country.

Mark Woodard, the principal at Montezuma Elementary School, wrote up an elegant announceme­nt that I read later (that day).

“Today is September 11. It is an important day in our country’s history, when the United States was attacked and close to 3,000 Americans lost their lives. On this solemn day, it is important to remember those who were killed, recognize all who survived, honor the sacrifices of the first responders and recovery workers, and remember how our country came together to help one another after the attacks. In that spirit, we will observe a minute of silence. Thank you.”

My daughter, a high school junior, said people refuse to stand when the pledge is recited. If they don’t want to pledge their allegiance to this country, then they should go find another country to be disrespect­ful to. House rules should apply. Immigrants are welcome, but only if they want to be here. I realize that my thoughts are not politicall­y correct. I prefer to stand up for what is right than avoid insulting someone. Political correctnes­s should not dictate every part of our lives. Right and wrong still exist.

TINA MESSEC School nurse at Montezuma Elementary Albuquerqu­e

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