Albuquerque Journal

Social media basics

- By Joyce M. Rosenberg

Small business owners starting to embrace social media can be overwhelme­d by the number of networks to choose from. Understand­ing the demographi­cs of each network, and whether its format is a good marketing vehicle for a company’s products or services, can make the process easier. A look at some popular networks: Facebook is used by more than two-thirds of American adults who are online, making it by far the most popular social media network, according to the Pew Research Center. It appeals to a majority of people in every age bracket and income and education levels. Its combinatio­n of text, photos and videos help businesses develop relationsh­ips with customers.

Instagram is used by 28

percent of adult Americans, appealing the most to people age 18 to 29. Because it is more about photos and videos than text, many retailers, restaurant­s and travel-related companies use Instagram.

Pinterest is used by 26 percent of adult Americans, many of them women. Users collect photos and videos on specific topics, with food/drink, crafts, home decor and women’s fashion most popular, according to researcher­s at the University of Minnesota and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Twitter is used by 21 percent of adult Americans; users tend to be younger than those on Facebook. Its short bursts of text and videos allow companies to give users frequent updates and informatio­n on products and services.

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