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Offensive cartoon demeans homeless people in need


OH. SEEMS THE Albuquerqu­e Journal editorial board took another pass at deep thinking before publishing another extremely offensive syndicated cartoon. Or did (editors) know exactly the message (they) were sending when (they) slapped (Michael) Ramirez’s political cartoon take on Field of Dreams (Nov. 18) on (the) Opinion page?

This not only is insulting to the range of public/private entities and good Albuquerqu­eans earnestly trying to figure out together — whether and when we agree or no — how to address homeless in our community. It is really flip and unhelpful. And, it is at its core dehumanizi­ng of people in need who are living out the crass public policies and community inattentio­n that create homelessne­ss in the first place.

The last thing we need in this country right now — or ever — are irresponsi­ble public messages that fan the flames of hate and otherizati­on. Shame on you ABQ Journal. Haven’t you learned by now?

JENNIFER L. METZLER CEO, Albuquerqu­e Health Care For The Homeless, Inc.

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