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God bless America, and how’s everybody?

The New York Post says casino ■ mogul Steve Wynn is selling his house in Beverly Hills for $110 million. It’s hard to imagine the amount of wealth on display in this town. Over the holidays, I saw a Salvation Army band playing on Rodeo Drive, and they had a string section.

Senate Republican­s showed by their number of votes to dismiss impeachmen­t charges Tuesday that the trial of Trump is going nowhere. The same day, Trump announced in Florida that he has created the Office of the Former President. It’s as close to a concession as we’re ever going to get.

Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledg­ed it could take ■ until September to get the country totally open again due to the slower-than-expected distributi­on of the vaccine. There’s widespread resistance to taking it. To get millennial­s to take the vaccine, it will be offered at Whole Foods for an inflated cost.

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