Albuquerque Journal

House panel amends early childhood funding proposal


SANTA FE — A revised version of the proposal to amend the state Constituti­on to boost funding for early childhood education programs is moving through the state House.

The legislatio­n, following an amendment Wednesday, no longer states that it is contingent on congressio­nal approval.

Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas, an Albuquerqu­e Democrat and co-sponsor of the proposal, said it isn’t necessary for Congress to approve increasing the annual distributi­on out of the Land Grant Permanent Fund by 1 percentage point, from 5% to 6%.

The proposal would still have to be approved by voters in a statewide election.

The legislatio­n, House Joint Resolution 1, passed the House Commerce and Economic Developmen­t Committee on a 6-4 vote along party lines, with Democrats in favor. The proposal goes next to the House Education Committee.

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