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The prospect of ‘They’re coming to America’ getting real

- CAL THOMAS Columnist Email

In 1980, singer Neil Diamond recorded a song that celebrated American immigratio­n, first in the early 1900s and then more recently. The song included this chorus: “On the boats and on the planes They’re coming to America Never looking back again They’re coming to America.” The song makes no distinctio­n between the legal and orderly immigratio­n of the early 20th century and the chaotic and illegal immigratio­n that characteri­zes today’s movement of mostly Central Americans into the country.

(Jan. 17), thousands of Hondurans formed caravans in an attempt to violate Mexico’s southern border on their way to our southern border. Police and soldiers wearing riot gear tried to block them, but the migrants broke through, undeterred by tear gas and batons.

They are likely coming because they are hearing that President Biden plans to deport fewer of them and because relatives have encouraged them to make the risky journey. They are coming because of poverty and crime in Honduras and other countries. Many of them had their homes destroyed by hurricanes.

Biden has also said he will not continue constructi­on of Donald Trump’s border wall, which the Trump administra­tion touted as having a significan­t deterrent effect on undocument­ed people crossing the border. That, too, sends a “y’all come” signal southward.

The prospect of a human tide coming to America now becomes very real. And the promise of U.S. citizenshi­p for the 11 million undocument­ed already here can only serve as an additional enhancemen­t for even more to come.

Interviewe­d on TV networks, some in the caravan say they want to come to America for jobs. What about those Americans who are out of work because of the pandemic? Shouldn’t U.S. citizens be first on the list for any available jobs? If migrants are illegally allowed in, or manage to get in, what signal will this send to the thousands — perhaps millions — who will come and what additional burden will that place on American taxpayers and social services?

I have been exploring possible travel to countries in Europe and Central and South America, hoping to break free from all the lockdowns and regulation­s in this country. Many of them are closed to American citizens. These countries apparently don’t want anyone bringing COVID with them. Shouldn’t that also be a concern for the U.S. government?

How many migrants seeking to come to America are infected with COVID and will aid in its spread? How many are gang members who will add to the crime problems in major U.S. cities?

The left claims Donald Trump is responsibl­e for the Jan. 6 rioting at the U.S. Capitol because he “incited” the crowd to insurrecti­on with his rhetoric about a “stolen” election. Why, then, can’t Biden’s language about easing the path to America and gaining citizenshi­p equally be a cause and effect?

Throughout history, uncontroll­ed immigratio­n without assimilati­on has contribute­d to the collapse of other superpower­s. The United States does not enjoy special protection from a similar fate. Some on the left cynically believe these migrants can be turned into Democrat voters, and along with censoring conservati­ve beliefs on social media and other platforms and creating states out of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, the Republican Party and all opposition to their agenda can be squashed.

Neil Diamond’s song was meant as a patriotic celebratio­n of America’s “melting pot.” Given the chaos that will come if Biden’s promise is not retracted, that “pot” is likely to boil over, causing irreversib­le harm.

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