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I AM 72 years old with three known comorbidit­ies, and am listed as an essential worker. Went to get vaccine per appointmen­t, and after 10 minutes in the cold wind was told they had registered more people than they had dosages for. Was told to cancel my appointmen­t and reregister for another time. Still waiting for an event code that will let me do that. Ben Ray got his, and now I see the teachers have a drive-thru clinic. The government seems to take care of its own. It looks like all lives matter, but some matter more than others . ... DS

KUDOS TO all of the staff at The Pit on the successful COVID clinic rollout. My question is why did it take a month of planning now? The state should have had a statewide plan in place by the end of the summer since we knew the vaccines were coming. Instead of the governor micromanag­ing N.M.’s economy with resulting permanent business closures and job losses, maybe the state should have concentrat­ed on a future vaccine clinic plan . ... RKBC

TO THE person who sent out the winter squall advisory around midnight on Monday: I would have figured that out when I awoke to 2 inches or more of snow Tuesday morning. As it is, I’ve now gotten to watch the snow fall in person the last two hours because I can’t get back to sleep after that jarring screech from the phone woke me up. I sort of get being awakened when a kid is missing, but this was totally unnecessar­y. WM

JUST BEFORE Christmas, I saw two people swing dancing on the pedestrian bridge over I-40 just east of Louisiana. When driving, on I-40 since then, I often think about seeing them and it makes me happy that they took a moment to dance on a bridge. Thank you! MW

I WAS amused by Saturday’s headline, “Moratorium order shocks NM oil industry.”

Really? Why is this a shock? Remember who you voted for, New Mexico. There will be a lot more “shocks” coming. DLO

BIDEN’S MORATORIUM on new gas and oil leases will devastate NM’s revenue base. Of course Governor (Lujan) Grisham’s push for a carbon-free environmen­t is also free of tax revenue so pray tell where will the money needed to run our state come from?... KJ

WHY THE surprise that the Biden administra­tion ordered a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits? This was a campaign promise and is just the beginning. Our emissions will now go up because operators have to flare methane emissions and our state revenue will go down. JMH

IF YOU voted for Biden, please don’t whine about cuts to education that have already hit UNM and will soon affect schools across the state. Revenues from the oil and gas industry fund a large portion of public education in N.M., and Biden has promised to phase out this industry. What did you expect? Elections have consequenc­es. EC

GET READY, folks. The new administra­tion has now killed the N.M. golden goose, oil and gas industry, that lays the golden eggs, funding for schools, infrastruc­ture, etc. Your taxes are about to skyrocket.


HOW SAD that it takes the senseless murder of beautiful human to expose the idiocy of being a “sanctuary city.” Good luck Mr. Vigil, we support you . ... DPS

OUR GOVERNOR has managed to show her disdain for teachers and incompeten­ce in planning by canceling vaccinatio­ns for our educators less than 24 hours before they were to begin . ... MP

IF YOU’RE frustrated by the distributi­on of the COVID vaccine, just remember this is how the government runs health care. Be careful what you wish for. DP

IN SUNDAY’S front page article on relief grants, the AP obtained public records for those who received grants and highlighte­d those that went to lawmakers. How about organizati­ons that contribute­d to government officials, such as the N.M. United? This informatio­n should be available to the public. DMX

THEY SHOULD have banned (Trump’s) Twitter account a year ago. He’d still be president. RB

IF THE Senate race had turned out different, would there be the same outrage if the loser went back to dealing at a casino? GLB

FOR THOSE that think the Space Command location decision was political, maybe they should ask themselves why an AFRL facility is still in N.M. and Cannon AFB is open. The simple answer is politics. There is no other logical answer. And Huntsville is really the home of space exploratio­n — the technologi­es were developed there and tested in places like New Mexico. JEH

MY SYMPATHIES to the family of Jacqueline Vigil. I will follow the developmen­ts in (Sam) Vigil’s lawsuit against the city. If the city wants to reduce crime and attract tourists and industry such as the Space Command, they need to end their policy of being a sanctuary city and cooperate with federal authoritie­s and ICE. We have enough home-grown criminals that we don’t need to attract them from other areas with our lax law enforcemen­t. If our city leaders can’t see that we need help fighting crime, maybe this lawsuit will get their attention. TB

A BIG thank you to the Albuquerqu­e Journal for the complete and thorough news story about the lawsuit filed by Sam Vigil against Mayor Keller and the city. It seems that Albuquerqu­e’s broadcast media feels their only responsibi­lity is to protect Democrat politician­s from negative publicity and criticism, rather than reporting the news. KK

WHAT DOES our progressiv­e governor plan on doing about the lack of oil tax revenue now that “moderate” President Biden has enacted a year-long ban on new oil and gas production on federal lands? With the revenue accounting for 30% of the N.M. budget and earmarked for education I bet she tries to raid the permanent fund for even more money or (pray) the feds will cover her losses. If she was smart she would join other states in trying to reverse this disastrous radical action. Don’t hold your breath. KJ

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