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God bless America, and how’s everybody?

Surgeons repaired Tiger Woods’ broken ankle and leg Tuesday after his latest damaging car wreck. I hope he has learned to hire a chauffeur. The difference between a car and a golf ball is Tiger Woods can drive a ball 300 yards without a near-death experience.

The Motion Picture and Television Fund summoned me to its office at Warner Bros. to receive the first of two COVID vaccinatio­n injections. Some people warn that the vaccine made them feel woozy and delirious and unable to walk a straight line. After 34 years of sobriety, can’t wait.

President Biden had good news Monday when the American Research Institute poll came out and gave him a near 60% job approval rating. I must admit the president’s political instincts are better than mine. Who knew that all the people wanted is some guy who’ll shut up and give us money?

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